Just Like Fire




Jungkook is the only son of infamous billion-heirs Kim Seokjin and Kim Namjoon who has been receiving death threat letters towards their son. As a result, Seokjin hired the best bodyguard to protect his son until the perpetrators are caught.

Jungkook is a university student who is the successor to his family. His parents have always tried to keep him under surveillance, but Jungkook always found a way to evade them. He has no idea about the threats and just wants to live his life without being followed all the time.

How will the spoiled brat who hates being followed get along with Koreas top bodyguard who will not let him out of his sight?



“Those of the foundation have no names, have no emotion, there is no past and no future there is only the mission”





Copyright ©DeadRose, 2011 Hi DeadRose here! First of all, thank you for giving time to read and subscribe to my story. Secondly, I do NOT own any of the characters in this story. Some scenes may have been based on true life experience while some came from my imagination. Anything similar to yours or other stories are 110% coincidental. I absolutely do not PLAGIARIZE any of your works. Thank you.


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Vanilla0X #1
So far, seems like a good story plot