Once In a Blue Moon

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It's been a while since the moon has shined. In a world where the moon shining has become a myth, a myth wherein it is on the same level as the saying once in a blue moon. Is it really a myth or just an event that would happen when two destined lovers meet? 


hi, it's been a while. i lowkey cant continue my last fic because it has been two years since i updated and idk what to put anymore so... you can have this instead. btw this whole fic is focused in seulgi's pov unless said otherwise. thank you and please enjoy!

im finally back with an update, ive had this in the drafts for a while and i decided to continue it then post it. thank you for reading this fic, i know its mediocre and not on par with the other fics but i appreciate your time and appreciation for this fic. i hope you all have a good day.
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