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located in the suburbs of downtown seoul, the peach villa is known for its beauty. both the building and its tennants that reside inside of it.

the peach colored building is very large, housing six bedrooms, six bathrooms, one large dining room, one kitchen, one living area/lounge, one small library, a patio area, and an outdoor pool.

boasting its own state of the art security system, the peach villa is definitely eye-catching to anyone looking for a place to stay.

however, the application process is quite tricky and only six residents have been allowed to live there so far.

said residents typically keep to themselves, never really interacting with anyone, not even fellow university students at times.
the peach villa follows six university student residents who live together in the most beautiful share house off the campus of shinhwa private university. the six residents, all girls, have a secret: they are all harbouring hidden supernatural abilities. from flying to manipulating ice, these girls are anything but normal. due to their peculiar states, finding love has been next to impossible: until now.
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the peach villa
romance, drama,
slice of life, & supernatural
author's note
hey, josi here! this is my first applyfic in like, 3-4 years lol. i do work, so please patient with me when it comes to updating. anyways, thanks for checking this story out! i'm excited to work on it :)
 THE PEACH VILLA: chapter one is now up for the peach villa! it took quite a while to write so i really hope you all enjoy it :) <3


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Chapter 6: thank you for updating!
the interactions of the main cast and their respective love interest was so cute to read! >//<
rooting for all of them already!
semi digging into yura and yuto's relationship is a whole mood XD
i can just imagine her trying to meddle into the love lives of the other girls
and i need the tea on felix and mirae LMAO what happened???
guess i have to read their app to find out hehe
mina's crush on hyunjin is so obvious omg i think even he's aware of it *eye emoji*
but omg i can't wait to read the interactions of the girls!
Chapter 6: ahh thank you for updating!
it's so nice to finally see the girls in action! like how they interact with each other or how they think of one another
however my fave part is surely how they interact with their love interests ! it's so cute uwu
Chapter 5: ngl as a college student having a house with separate rooms is so :")
Chapter 5: Thank you for choosing yura!! I'm so glad you choose her and loved her as i did! And the room descriptions of the girls and quotes are beautiful <3333

And finally???? Finally all the girls are here!! I CANT WAIT TBH >.<
Although i've been busy i'll be looking forward to this A LOT hehe
Chapter 5: thank you for choosing seulmi! ?
and congrats to the other chosen applicants!
i can’t wait to see them all interacting and in action ~
Chapter 5: thank you so much for choosing semi! <3
and congratulations to all of the chosen characters!

i love all of the quotes you used for them, they're all really beautiful! all of the bedrooms are beautiful as well! i lowkey can't believe semi is the third oldest? but that being said, i'm extremely excited to see her dynamic with the rest of the group. i also died at seulmi's axolotl cause we share the same name LMAO
Chapter 5: ahh thank you for choosing jing! and congrats to everyone!! looking forward to see how the girls interact with one another!
lowkey wishing i had one of those rooms lol
Chapter 5: Congrats to all the chosen applicants!
The layout is so pretty too hehe