Blood Moon


Two rival schools. Eleven boys. And one girl stuck in the middle of it all.


On the outskirts of Seoul, there are two rival high schools. Nalgae Public High School and Pinoon Private High School. Though most people know of the rivalry between the two, no one truly knows of the story behind it. At Nalgae High, there are werewolves, who are deeply against the ways of the vampires of Pinoon High. The two groups are constantly at odds, but where does Joo Haein come into all of this? Well, when you transfer into a high school full of mostly werewolves, you're bound to find trouble one way or another... especially when that school is right next door to one full of vampires.

Blood Moon : Chapter Five is now up!! Sorry for the long hiatus :)


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oooohhh this is so unique and intriguing
Chapter 5: I'm excited for her interaction with minhyun somehow... Don't blame me, minhyun is just really charming okay! Anyway, welcome back authornim!!
Chapter 5: Hi. I'm glad u r back n hopefully all is well with u. ;-)
Chapter 4: I'm so glad I stumble across this story. So far so good! It's so difficult to find good stories on Wanna One. This looks promising! I'm subscribing!
Chapter 4: Omo what will minhyun do to her? This is intriguing!
btsxexo #6
Chapter 4: OMO I LOVE THE UPDATE! Hope Yunhee and Daniel finds out that she’s in trouble and help her out. But being claimed by both vampaire and werewolf... hmmmm
btsxexo #7
Chapter 3: Kyaaa!! Badass Minhyun sounds HOT! Can't wait for the next update! fighting Authornim!!
Chapter 3: I didn't expect minhyun to be like that!!! Lol
Chapter 3: Bruuuhhhhh badass minhyun has me DEAD
Chapter 2: This is pretty interesting, and i'm really looking forward for her encounter with the vampires!