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After the conclusion of Idol School and the announcement of Produce 48, Mnet revealed yet another survival program.

Unlike the formatting for Produce 48, essentially the third installment to the Produce 101 series, "I'm A Star" follows 18 girls who a former idols or trainees.

The girls all have experienced the same issue; failure. Whether this failure was brought on by their group disbanding or even just their company not paying attention to them; the reason doesn't completely matter.

In "I'm A Star," these girls will learn and be shown what it takes to become a true Kpop star. However, this can't be done without true help from the best of the best.

Hosted by Produce 101 Season 1 winner and I.O.I member, Kim Sohye. She's joined by four mentors: Vocal mentor, Apink's Jung Eunji. Dance mentor, Chung Ha. Rap mentor, Heize. And lastly, Industry mentor: S.E.S's Bada.

With limited spots for the final group, who will survive and outshine the others?


Program: I'M A STAR
Channel: Mnet
Contestants: 18
Theme: "I'm Gonna Be A Star" (OG: Twice)
Mentors: Kim Sohye, Jung Eunji, Chung Ha, Heize, and Bada
Co-Producer: YMC Entertainment


I’m gonna be a star I’m gonna be I’m-I’m gonna be I’m gonna be a star I’m gonna be I’m-I’m gonna be All the 오빠들 and 언니’s (OK, OK) 새로운 스타, Do you want it? (OK, OK) 시선 고정해 다들 뻔히 (OK, OK) 지금부터 I make you love me, lo-lo-love me I’m gonna be a star, star, star, star, star, star, star, star I’m gonna be I’m-I’m gonna be I’m gonna be a star (star) It’s like 스카이라운지 다 모여 누가 스타다운지 I’ll show ya (Hi) 별볼일 없던 난데 이젠 별이 됐고 나를 비춰 전망대는 (Alright) Spotlight 커지면 높게 뻗은 손의 물결위로 파도를 타듯 너무 고민없이 (We Goin’up, We Goin’up) 좀 어린 나이지만 아이처럼 안 굴어 아찔한 하이힐의 사이에도 안꿀려 병아리처럼 삐-삐약 대다가도 독수리처럼 위로 비약해 (Fly~) 중독적인 비트 위 가뿐히 올려놔 Sweet 16’s 함 빠져들면 No exit (We go-go-goin’up) 지금 귀에 들려오는 환호 무대 위를 밝혀주는 조명 간절히 늘 바라왔던 걸들 앞에 서있어 Now We’re goin’ up I’m gonna be a star I’m gonna be I’m-I’m gonna be I’m gonna be a star I’m gonna be I’m-I’m gonna be I’m gonna be a star I’m gonna be I’m-I’m gonna be I’m gonna be a star I’m gonna be I’m-I’m gonna be 여기저기 터지지 Like Wi-fi 우리 팀처럼 퍼져 Worldwide 확실히 보여줄게 차이 You-You better think TWICE 지금 귀에 들려오는 환 무대 위를 밝혀주는 조명 간절히 늘 바라왔던 걸들 앞에 서있어 Now We’re goin’ up

 I'M A STAR ☆  chapter five is now up! sorry for the long wait ^^;


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Chapter 17: I hope you get well sonon and thank you for making hari number 5!
Chapter 17: I'm glad to see you back, and I hope you can stop getting sick soon! I currently have a really bad cold, RIP.
Y E S I was soooo hype to see what you chose for the dance team, I am in love with that performance, I was really hoping you'd use it. Poor girls getting shocked by the mentors entering suddenly though, I'd have a heart attack.;; Ahhh, we're constantly reminded of the rappers we have lost, my poor heart. Speaking of my poor heart-
Kana. ;_; Oh gosh, she and Jihu were so close. Now I don't even want Jihu to win for my sake, I want her to win for Kana's, heck--
And Sun's injury really worried me, I hope dancing on it won't give her any problems in the future.;; Glad she had her teammates to support her.
♡ Thank you for another amazing chapter, can't wait for the next one! Happy writing!
ARMY_Gurl #3
Chapter 16: Man, Elsa keeps getting lucky with those randomizers, getting third place again! That said, it's unfortunate that Mari was eliminated this round, I saw potential for her and Elsa to have some fantastic snarky conversations. Alas it is not meant to be. I also wish to have seen more Yoo-E, she never really got the character arc I was hoping she'd have time for unfortunately :( That always seems to happen with me and survival shows though - my favorites end up among the first batch voted out.

I believe I know which performances you'll be using for this challenge and I'm excited to see how everything is distributed among the contestants! Also I do hope you get some time to rest and recover from your illness! We can wait for chapters - you make sure to take care of yourself ^-^
Chapter 16: aw, i feel bad for mari and yoo-e :( im already not ready for any other eliminations, it’ll be so sad.
but for this round, i’m glad that they’ll get to show their main talent! although, i wonder how the rap team will be due to the fact they have the least amount of members in the group.
great chapter, keep up the good work! and also quick question, are you going to continue writing about the final group after the show is done? just wondering ~
Chapter 16: ashbhbss my baby is second place thank you!!!
Chapter 16: :'') I'll miss Mari and Yoo-E so much. They were fun girls and now I know I'm DEFINITELY not prepared for the future eliminations that are coming, my gosh. I wish everyone could have debuted, but alas, that's not how survival shows work. ;_;
However, I am excited to see vocal vs. dance vs. rap! It will be super interesting to see, especially considering the songs they're working with. I think I know what performance the dance team will be using, haha. Elsa is seeming kind of selfish for always wanting that leader position, though...I wonder if it makes any viewers or contestants look at her negatively?
I feel so bad for the rap team, they must be having it hard right now.;; Maybe one day Jihu will show off her rap, far far away from here. XD
No matter what, I will anticipate the next update! And I feel you on the whole being-sick thing man, I've got a stomach bug myself. Hope you feel better soon!
I'm honestly so nervous about the two elimination thing. I think they're all so talented and it'd really nice to see that some of the girls are opening up a bit more and showing more of their personality. I can't wait till the next episode.
Chapter 15: AHH I forgot to talk about chapter 2, poor gyuri... She's in 18th :( Also poor Yingying I hope she stays healthy :/
AWW EM WANTED TO BE THE LEADER She couldn't speak up? :( I find it interesting how more and more the personalities are coming out, both Em and Mari's personalities are coming out, but it was super interesting to see how Em reacted to her situation lolol.
I do feel bad for the LUV team since theres no rapping, so it was hard for them to adjust ! But they did well ! But TWO PEOPLE are being eliminated? ? I just started learning about the girls nooo!
I'm scared but also excited for the next episode lolol
ARMY_Gurl #9
Chapter 15: Oh gosh, two eliminations? How evil can they get???
That said this episode is definitely my favorite so far. We're really starting to see more of certain contestants' personalities - Kana and Mari in particular stood out to me here, and Emily got some good spotlight as well! And of course my own girl Elsa finally gets her leader role - I wish them luck taking it away from her XD
Choosing the best of these three performances is really difficult, least of all because of how different they are!

Team Girlfriend has the obvious advantage of having a currently popular song, but their dancing was really on point and Sun's vocals were stunning. Honestly I've always liked the GFriend version of OOH-AHH a lot, it's crisp and clean in that lovely GFriend way.

Team Neon has a special bias for me since I really like LABOUM as a group. They also had the added difficulty of changing a male song to fit female vocals which they did spectacularly, and the energy in general was perfect for the song!

Team Blanc actually surprised me! I'm not a huge fan of April, but I must admit they really suit APink's concept. I do wish I knew who was who in this performance, but it says a lot that I actually am not sure which one is Jihyun! All six girls had a chance to take center stage and show their stuff, and the little harmonization they did was lovely. I think they had the least to work with for this stage but they really pulled through with it!

... And I'm still not sure which stage I think is the best XD I'll have to ruminate on this a bit longer. All in all, excellent chapter and I'm excited to see what comes next!
Dadaminette #10
Chapter 15: I really like the chapter
Mari is really well done
But there was just one thing , Mari wasn’t mentioned when Eunji, Bada, Chungha & Heize gave their opinion about how Blanc did. I was pretty disappointed because I wanted to know how well she did. :)
Thank you for the good chapter