Hook, Line, Sinker

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“I seriously need to find a decent guy, I might have to resort to trolling the straight sites soon,” Hyukjae blew some hair out of his face. He was kidding. Unless...? No, no. Of course not.


Donghae's under pressure from his mother to find a girl to marry, so he joins a dating site, expecting at most to make a friend he might bring to family gatherings occasionally to take the heat of off him since he is Pretty Gay. Hyukjae catfishes Donghae using pictures of a beautiful girl (his best friend). Donghae's extra confused because he doesn't find her attractive, but he feels like he has a connection after they message back and forth for a while. Hyukjae's even more lost, because what he intended only for interactions with a super hot guy online has developed into real feelings.

“Ah, I'm screwed.”


credits and thank you to hyukko for the cover poster ♡

Happy 415. ♡ (Originally had this in my drafts to post for Hyuk's bd but it seemed more fitting family fluff for Eunhae day.)


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Lavender05 #1
Chapter 38: This has always been my favorite fic 💙💙💙
Chapter 12: Donghae being excited to see Hyukjae and asking to see his salon was so cute
Chapter 11: I'm glad Donghae's mother came around :')
Chapter 9: They are so stupidly cute and in love!
Chapter 6: "Sure, he's a gentleman. He'll you gently then."

I accidentally on my phone at this line pfft. Tiffany truly is coming in clutch for Hyukjae's clueless here. Best wing woman ever
Chapter 1: "Hyukjae sat on the floor at his coffee table, one hand
flicking through profiles on a dating app, while the other
scrolled through on his laptop. He was and
ambidextrous, a deadly combo."

I genuinely laughed at this lol
oliviachan99 #7
Chapter 5: This is soooo fluff💕💕
simjang #8
Chapter 38: Ahh, this is beautiful 🥲
Chapter 38: EunHae baby!!! 😭😭😭 they will be beautiful for sure~