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He nocked, drew back his bowstring, aimed. Right as he loosed, they met eyes, he and his mortal target. Thwonk. He missed.





  1. unable to think or act normally, especially because of being in love.

  2. affected by or as if by the moon: such as

    amentally unbalanced

    bromantically sentimental

    clost in fantasy or reverie


What happens when cupid's arrow misses? Are all mortals at the mercies of the fates? Can gods even make their own? What is love? (Baby don't hurt me.) Wait, there's actually gods? Do gods work in office buildings? Do cupids have paper shredders? Existential questions asked, spottily answered.

Super loosely based on any actual mythology, artistic liberties are taken left and right. 💘 

cr: William Shakespeare for the appropriate chapter titles.

for autia

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! This is my silly little love letter to every darling reader. ♡


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Lavender05 #1
Chapter 4: Ahhh this too dang sweet 💙🤭😍 there should be a sequel for this and just see how domestically capable the former cupid is 🙏🏻
sujul33 #2
Chapter 4: That was so lovely. Thank you for writing it. :)
sujul33 #3
Chapter 2: This is so cute. It's such a wonderful idea. I love your Hyukjae here and I can imagine Donghae just like that. It made me chuckle that he went to the hospital for a full exam. Then... a psych evaluation too. But that's what I would do as well, lol.

I can't believe I never saw this before. Sorry I'm reading it so late.
Chapter 1: Hello~
This story is very lovely, indeed!
I can see Eunhyuk being a Cupid and Donghae’s reactions and questions were so funny and adorable!
A very sweet story, thank you🥰
QueerWinter #5
Chapter 4: Oh this was so nice I loved this! And I loved the universe and how you played with cupid lore. I'm happy with the fluffy ending haha and I loved reading this 😊
LeeLenaMx #6
Chapter 4: Cute! 💙💙
Chapter 4: its cutee and fluuff ! thank you authornim
Cupid Hyukjae is so cute, he is the one and the only Lee Donghae's cupid😍😍

Thank you so much for writing this story, such a fluffy, cute story. The idea, the storyline, the characters developed really well👏👏
Chapter 4: It’s so cute how they have these feeling for each other and yet they kind of walk around in egg shells, in a very very adorable way. I loved how giddy hyuk was when he was about to introduce himself (with all the heart emoji minus the broken one )