not an update (long time no see!)

a written melody for you(every love I sent you)
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Not sure if ppl who enjoyed reading my fics are still here but long time no see! I hope you've all been well and if not, I hope it'll all be okay soon.

So. I don't really like updating 'not an update' because it can anger a lot of people but still, I just wanted to let you guys know that I am here, alive. And though things are very hectic right now I'm still writing from time to time. Not sure when it'll be finished but yeah, there's a wip that I've been working every now and then. And I'm a bit excited and worried at the same time because it's partly based on my recent gayest experience *cough* so yeah hopefully I'll be able to show it to you soon enough. 

All I can say for now is that the story is based on 'Cruel Summer' and 'False God' by Taylor Swift. It's a college au that can maybe be cliche but still, I'll write my off :). Or my wrist off or whatever.

So. I'll see you guys soon. And thanks for still loving my fics that are collecting dust rn! Take care of yourselves!


Sincerely, MeloMera.



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I'm gonna be honest - It took a lot, I mean A LOT of time & effort to write this fic. So I would really appreciate if you upvote/comment to let me know that you enjoyed reading this. I want to reply to nice comments for old time's sake :") I'm sorry for not being able to do that sooner.


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Gabu01 #1
Chapter 35: More than a Year 🥺 truly miss you here and twitter. Hopefully you're safe and happy.
Chapter 35: we'll wait for you 🤍🤍🤍
jisooseulgii #3
Chapter 17: THIS IS SO GOOD
Chapter 3: MY HEART......... I LITERALLY CAN NOT YOUR WRITING IS SO INCREDIBLY. I felt every single emotion every step of the way and I can't even be mad that I stayed up till the morning to read this when I have classes to attend. 10/10, planning to reread for sure.
Chapter 1: This was literally so sweet and endearing and I CRIED. GOD I love this sm
Ryunero #6
Chapter 26: 😭😭😭😭 I don’t rmb there being a letter to joohyun but thank god seulgi got the closure instead of being in the dark and having to wait everyday. I’m glad joy and yerim went to find her and the bad guys didn’t know about them. I don’t believe in reincarnation but on god I hope it happens for joohyun. This story really has a special place in my heart😭💔 thank youuu
Ryunero #7
Chapter 14: Omg I’ve been finding this story for so long. I rmb reading this in ao3 2 years ago(I hope that was you). It was pandemic and altho the story was bitter sweet but it was very wholesome. It made me wanna go out and do nice things for people lmao
Oct_13_wen_03 63 streak #8
Chapter 9: 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Chapter 19: Ugly crying T_T
morphine007 #10