then there's you, (my sunflower) epilogue

a written melody for you(every love I sent you)
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A/N : This is a rather short epilogue, but I wanted to write Seulgi's point of view after this story. I recommend you to listen to 'IU-Through the Night' while reading. Hope you enjoy.





It’s hard, writing a letter to someone who won’t be able to receive this.


But I hope you’re well. I think about how your everyday is like, and I hope they’re all peaceful.


I wonder if you want to ask how I’m doing. I’m well. As always I crop my field, and it got busier when summer came back. We have a good harvest for red pepper just like every other summer. I’m sure you’ll smile at the sight of red peppers filling half our small house.


And yes, I said ours.


It often felt like you’ll come back someday. I sometimes even forget that you’re gone and cook your favorite bean paste stew and place three bowls of rice on the table. Then I open the door of your room and call out your name when that room has been empty for months.

But don’t worry. I didn’t cry that time because of you. It’s just that the room was too cold when I dropped down on my knees and it hurt a lot.

That’s all. I’m doing well.



I keep thinking about the first time we met. And I can’t stop because I keep going to that bus station before I can think of an excuse. I spend hours there just standing there ─ either waiting for you to get off the bus or wishing today would be the day you come back with a smile unlike the puffy red eyes and that deep bruise on the corner of your lips at our first meeting.

Is this what a sunflower feels like at night?

The way back home after that is a bit lonely, but it’s not sad. I know you’ll come back someday. I’m sure of that.


Time only seems scary since it seems to go by so fast. Mom sometimes forget what date today is, and today she forgot her birthday so I often wish time would go slower. It’s too fast for the both of us. But don’t worry, she remembers you. Mom polishes the frame of that picture the three of us took together everyday. And she didn’t take off that hair pin you gave her. She refused to take it off when she had to wash her hair so that was quite a struggle if you ask me.


I can almost hear you laughing at that. I miss that.


I miss you.


God must have answered my prayers because I me

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