Stuck on you

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“Stuck on you, by your side” – Seulgi

“Today I realize how much I really love you for the first time” – Irene

Sometimes, love exists without we realize. We both never expect that we will like each other romantically. When I said I love you, that’s mean I claim you as mine from now on until God do us apart.


Hello dearest readers!

This is my first SeulRene (Seulgi x Irene) story. Lately, I read lot of fanfics about this pairing so I decide to write about them too. I hope you guys also enjoying this story even it's not from the pairing that you expect from me (I no need to mention them, right?)

This story released special for this month - March

- Author birthday (0301)

- Red Velvet Yeri (0305)

- Girls' Generation Taeyeon (0309)

- Red Velvet Irene (0329)

Enjoy the story and thank you in advance for your supports. Thank you very much!

With love, HTJ

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