Proposing to him

Black Pearl


Seonghwa POV


People around me always asked "Does she was that pretty? "

I would reply "Nope, she does not"

"She was beautiful inside and outside "

They would look crazy at me because I replied like that. They said the "inside and outside " part should not be stated. There are a bunch of rumour about her after all. 

We cannot leave the scandal taht she had scandal back then, the sudden news of wedding cancellation between her and Song Mingi, one of the powerful, young and influenced businessman in Korea. It was a huge news.  Mr Song Mingi is the one to told the media that they cancel the wed.

Since then, much bad news arises toward Kim Jiyeon as she did not voice up of her opinion regarding the cancellation. Plus, her representative always stated that she was busy to expand her legacy in Korea and China. With a pose like that make she become the subject of media for a while.

People are dying to know what happen between them. Is it Park Jiyeon?  Or  Song MinGi?

 After Mr Song wedding announced  in 2015 after 2 years of the news broke out.  The media started focussing on her again as the bride was not her but  it was her best friend instead. 

However, she said she was fine with it and fully support their relationships when asked as she attended the wed. 

Todays she rose stronger than before with no ring on her finger. Furthermore, she manages to expand on her family empire today.

Does she fierce, yes she is. She had to made any decision that will affect many people life since her 23 years old of young CEO of one of promising family company at that time in 2009. One mistake might affect her employees. 

My opinion as her driver for 2 years,  I sincerely did not care whether she cheat or not. Even if she does, it is her business. 

Het personality? 

I would say that I had  never hear her laugh before. She rarely smiles accept for her image and corporate meeting. In the car, all she does is whether sleeping, preparing, writing some stuff or in call with someone. We rarely talk as well. However, she was a great boss. She always let me know if she did not need me to wait for her. Gave me some tips or complement if I do impress her.

And she never does a thing that crazy like now. Asking me to marry her all of sudden. 

"So are you saying yes or no?, Mr Park?  "

I was utterly shocked. My tougue are frozen like an ice. Never cross in my mind a woman would ask me to marry her. 

"Ahh well, why so sudden, Miss," I asked. 

"I believe that you are most qualified for being husband," she said calmly. 

"But why me, ? No offense" 

I think you are beautiful. I bet there are many plenty rich guys out there to being your husband" I said. I look at the back mirror to see her expression.

She slipped her hair and said

"Mr Park, if I want to marry rich guy, I would be married by now," she said in narcissist tone. Then she continued with looking into my eyes in the back mirror "I want someone to like you, trustworthy, loyal and sweet gentleman " 

"I never heard you talk behind me, you never tell anyone what happens in this car and you always respect me and my life," she said.

"I have never thought you have that though bout me, "I said while holding firmly the steering. There is a deep silence between us. She sighed.

"Are you turn me down, Mr Park? " she asked.

"I am a beautiful, y and rich woman. Mr.Park. I might quite old for you but I am loyal. " she said and then she crosses her hand and looks into my eyes as I look at her through the rearview mirror. I could feel her coldness and confident in her eyes. Which is scared me more.

"Sorry to ask this,  are you by chance gay? " she asked.

I was startled and look behind,

"No, I certainly not ma'am.  Its is not like that. " I straighten my face back to the front and hold firmly the steering wheel.

"You are not THAT old, Miss Park,"  I said. 

"Good then, I will list out why I will be a perfect wife" she replies while crosses her leg.

" First I am loyal, why? " 

" I am to busy making money to cheat on you," she said.

" Plus, If we are married, you did not have to worry bout my job, you are free to do anything, you are my husband after all,"  she said.

"Isn't wonderful? "she said. 

"Mr, Park? " I nodded as agreed with her statement.

"Just think bout it, you have till Wednesday," She said as she walked out the car. 

"Wednesday? " I confused with date. I pull down the mirror and said

"But why this Wednesday? " I asked before she managed to grab the door. She walked toward me and said, 

"Well it might have been a wedding this weekend so I need a lot of preparation to do, is that answer your question? " she asked while holding the car door.

"Yes, Miss. I will give my answer later on Wed " I said. 

"Well then, thank you  See you tomorrow Mr, Park," Jiyeon said and walk out from the car. 

I watched her back as she walking into her big mansion. She is such a beautiful creature that I did not dare look, touch or even dream to be her husband. Who knew she would as me, her own private driver to be husband. I wonder what does mingling in her mind thinking about.

She suddenly turns herself and walks toward the car before I was leaving. She knocks the driver's mirror and I pull it down.

" I believe this is one of my best decision I had ever made and who knows it might be a wonderful adventure " 

I was frozen from hearing her word. Did she just said best decision? 

"I just want you to know that," Jiyeon said and just walks away.

I watch her walked inside her home. Thinking of what should I do now. 


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