Part 2

What About You?

Month Later
Kids’ House
ZhouMi was walking around the house when he gets a major contraction.
“Kyuhyun! I think that it’s time” ZhouMi yells as the later came along with the other kids right behind. Kyuhyun calls the parents as everyone meets at the hospital. ZhouMi is all checked in and 5 hours later he was giving birth, Kyuhyun holding one hand and HanGeng held the other.
“One more push,” the doctor says as he gives the baby boy to Siwon.
“Hi, little Kyongmin. This is Papi,” Siwon says wiping his grand baby’s face and clips the cord. He gives Kyuhyun the little boy.

The Next Month
Kyuhyun and ZhouMi were taking care of little Park Kyongmin when they all hear a scream. Everyone comes into Henry and Ryeowook's Room and sees Ryeowook on the floor clenching on his tummy and Henry is helping him up.
“He’s in labor. Call the parents. I’ll take Wookie,” Henry says as Kyuhyun calls them. Soon, Ryeowook is pushing with Henry and Jongwoon on each side, Youngwoon right behind the doctor getting ready to hold his granddaughter. The little one pops out and Youngwoon grabs her and cuts the cord.
“Hello, little one,” Yongwoon says petting little Haneul. Youngwoon gives Ryeowook his new baby and both parents kiss her.

Next Month
“Done eating already?” Ryeowook asked little Choi Haneul as they hear a thud. Donghae comes out carrying Hyukjae.
“What happened?” Kyuhyun asks.
“He fainted. He was having a contraction while in the middle of a headache,” Donghae explains grabbing the diaper bag. In the hospital, it was almost time to give birth and Donghae was having a panic attack.
“Calm down son,” Jungsoo says comforting his boy. Right after, Hyukjae was having a major contraction as his water breaks, which signals Donghee to go behind the doctor and Sungmin to go on one side while Donghae did the same. Soon, a little baby girl came in contact with Donghee.
“This is as much precious as Hyukjae coming into the world. Hi, little one,” Donghee says kissing the little girl’s forehead. “What is her name?”
“Sunhi,” Donghae answers as Donghee cuts the cord and gives the baby to her mommy.

Last Month Of The Kids’ Pregnancies
“Shhh, Park Sunhi. You’ll wake your cousins.” Hyukjae says giving the little one a pacifier. Suddenly they here crying and everyone comes in.
“I think we waited too long to go into the hospital. She is having her 7th contraction,” Kibum says walking Tiffany to the car. The others following them along with calling the parents in the next neighborhood. In the car, Tiffany had her last contraction so when they got into the hospital, her water brakes half an hour later, Kibum and Heechul already in their positions as Jungsoo walks to his. On the last push, Jungsoo cuts the cord of the little boy and held him.
“Welcome to the world little Park Lynson. This is your grandpa,” Jungsoo says rocking his little grandson.
“Could we have our son now dad?” Kibum asks as Jungsoo nods, giving Tiffany the baby.

Kids’ House
1 Week Later
The kids' parents want to babysit the babies, so they forced the kids to go on dates while they did so.
In Kyuhyun and ZhouMi's Room, Kyuhyun wakes up realizing that he fell asleep. He looks to his right to a sleeping three-month-old Kyongmin and immediately gets up.
“Why didn’t you two wake me up yet?"Kyuhyun asks as he checks the hour. "Shouldn’t eomma and appa be here yet?” He whispers as Kyongin wakes up, starting to fuss. “Don’t wake up mommy. Let’s go and see your cousins and aunties and uncles.” Kyuhyun looks behind him and walks out while gently closing the door as he sees Ryeowook and Henry with little 2-month-old Haneul. Ryeowook is holding Haneul while Henry walks into the living room with a bottle and gave it to Ryeowook.
“Thank you, baby,” Ryeowook says as he feeds Haneul. Henry looks up and points to behind Kyuhyun. He looks to see ZhouMi as he is rubbing his tired eyes.
“Yeobo. Why didn’t you wake me up?” ZhouMi asks.
“You looked too cute so I didn’t want to bother,” Kyuhyun answers. This comment makes Ryeowook and Henry both snicker. "Don't you two dare start."
“Could you hand me Kyongmin while you get ready?” ZhouMi asks as Kyuhyun nods and leave.
“You too yeobo,” Ryeowook tells Henry as he leaves as well.
Hyukjae and Donghae were in their room playing with little 1-month-old Sunhi. Hyukjae checks his watch.
“It’s about time to get ready. You go first,” Hyukjae says as Donghae nods. Meanwhile, Hyukjae carries his daughter into the living room with the other mommies.
Tiffany showing Kibum how to change little Lynson’s diaper. After the 1 week old is clean, Tiffany grabs the newborn and heads out, leaving Kibum confused.
“Where are you going?” He asked.
“Hyukjae just texted me and he said that the other daddies are getting ready, so you too. It's date night, remember?,” Tiffany answers leaving a frozen Kibum. Tiffany goes into the living room with the other mommies. Soon, the daddies are dressed in suits as they grab the little babies from the mommies and all 4 mommies go into the rooms to get changed while the daddies sat down as the doorbell rings. Kyuhyun gets up to answer it as the other boys come in with suits on while Tiffany comes out with a skin-tight pink dress on, light makeup, and curly hair. When Kyuhyun answers the door, it’s Siwon and HanGeng as Kyuhyun leaves the door open. A couple of seconds later, Youngwoon and Jongwoon come in and Donghee and Sungmin a couple of minutes after that. A few minutes later, Jungsoo and Heechul come in to greet their grandbabies. After the young parents walk out, the parents wave goodbye as the Eommas argues on who gets to make dinner and decide to cook dabokki with glass noodles together as the Appas watch a soccer game while holding the babies. A couple of hours later, each young couple comes in one at a time. Soon, the parents leave as they all go into their bathrooms to get ready for bed. Once Kyuhyun, ZhouMi, and Kyongmin, Henry, Ryeowook, and Haneul, Hyukjae, Donghae and Sunhi, & Kibum, Tiffany, and Lynson were all done with their bubble baths and moisturizing and dressing the babies, each Appa comes into the kitchen to make bottles for the babies as the Eommas have the babies on the beds as they sing lullabies to them. Once the babies are fed and sleeping, the Eommas gently put them to their cribs as the parents are about ready to go to sleep when… ring
“Aish,” The eommas curse quietly as they answer to the older parents.

All finished. I hope that I don't regret moving these here. Oh well.

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