Part 1

What About You?

TeukChul House
“Remember when we were at the Bahamas and we talked about how each other meet? What about afterward? I’m kinda curious?” Heechul asks.
“What do you mean?” Sungmin asks.
“Like proposing, marriage and pregnancy,” Heechul says. “Let’s start with Yongwoon and Jongwoon.”
“I proposed on our anniversary and a year and half later, marriage. Our marriage and honeymoon were in the Bahamas. On the last day, Jongwoon told me that he was pregnant with our eldest, Woosang,” Youngwoon starts.
“Then Ryeowook came 2 years later. The first pregnancy wasn’t as hard as the second. Both boys gave me the sweet but salty cravings. The birth was as normal: Ryeowook was easier and less painful than Woosang,” Jongwoon finishes as he takes a picture out of his wallet and shows the hospital picture of Jongwoon holding Ryeowook. “How about you Siwon and HanGeng?”

Kid House
“I was wondering… how did Henry and Ryeowook meet?” Tiffany says.
“I was studying in Canada with my baba, and I just transferred back to Korea and I saw him without a partner in cooking class. We became partners and best friends,” Henry says.
“I was having a little…ok, a huge crush…on him and I asked him out and he said yes,” Ryeowook leaves off.

“Cool. How about you, Kyuhyun and ZhouMi?” Tiffany asked.
“Umm…” Kyuhyun says.

TeukChul House
“After he asked me to be his lover after 2 years of being friends, we graduated and he was still working at my parents’ restaurant and after 1 ½ year of dating, I proposed in the middle of the break, and right in front of my parents, in which they embarrassed the crap outta me and after 2 years of planning, we got married in Hong Kong where his parents lived and our honeymoon was in Beijing,” Siwon says.
“When I became pregnant, I didn’t tell him until I got the ultrasound, both cases. My cravings were kimbap, believe it or not. When I was in labor, Siwon couldn’t be in the first hour or so. Both pregnancies were about the same pain level,” HanGeng adds. “I’m kinda curious with Donghee and Sungmin.”

Kids’ House
“My aunt knows him and his parents and one day, I met him and it seemed like I had heart eyes. You know the one that you see in anime. We became inseparable BFFs after that and I finally had the guts to ask him out,” Kyuhyun says. This makes Donghae snicker. "What?"

"I can't imagine Kyuhyun having heart eyes," Donghae comments, laughing.

"Believe me, Donghae. I was shocked myself, considering how much of a grump he is," ZhouMi replies.

"Oh, shut up, ZhouMi," Kyuhyun says, glaring. This, in which, makes the others laugh.

"Back to the program, people," Tiffany interrupts. "Let them finish their story."
“He also taught me how to play Starcraft,” ZhouMi adds as Henry rolls his eyes. “And I…oh contraction…" ZhouMi pauses, exhales, then continues. "...taught him how to be more fashionable. Both of us share the fact that we are extremely tall.”
“Crazy I gotta admit but otherwise romantic,” Tiffany says. “How about you Hyukjae and Donghae? How’d you meet and get together?”
“We actually umm…"Donghae starts.

TeukChul House

“Right after graduation, I took him to the beach instead of our friend’s Grad party to proposed to him. After about I would say 7 or 8 months of planning, we got married here in Seoul and had our honeymoon in Hawaii,” Donghee says.
“Pregnancy with our oldest daughter Sora was tricky since both of us were going to college. We had Hyukjae a year later. Both pregnancies gave me extreme pumpkin cravings and that’s how my pumpkin addiction came to be I guess. Sora was a 9 ½ pain level by the time I got into labor. Hyukjae however was a 10 pain level. It was to the point of tears. He was early labor too. I had to stay in the hospital for a week since it gave me a fever and 2 days after that we could bring Eunhyuk home. Sora was having a fit after Shindong had to temporarily say bye and go home for both cases,” Sungmin ends sighing. “Now it’s your turn Mr.I-ask-everything.”

Kids’ House
“We met at dance camp during the summer of Freshman year. Then come to find out Sophomore year a month later that he moves into Seoul with his parents and sister. We became friends and started dating Junior year,” Donghae says.
“That duet we had Senior Year was a big highlight in our relationship…behind the weddings of course,” Hyukjae adds.
“How about you Tiffany?” Henry asks.
“Ok that turned the tables,” Kibum says.

TeukChul House

“When we started dating, we were Seniors in high school. When I decided to propose to him after 4 years of dating, I kinda gave him a scavenger hunt out of sticky notes starting on his college bag and ends in the cafe that we had the Blind Date at. And a year later, we got married in Gangnam while he was pregnant with Donghae and had our honeymoon in Japan.” Jungsoo starts.
“I told him the day before the wedding that I was pregnant. I told him as soon as I took the test with all three cases. I craved fish the most. Being in labor with all three boys were painful. Donghae and Kyuhyun were normal births. Kibum, however, didn’t want to come out no matter how hard I pushed. 5 minutes of pushing gave us Kibum,” Heechul ends as they all get a text that the baby shower was over.

Kids’ House
“Remember when I went to America to study English? That’s when I meet Tiffany on the plane back. We became friends that year. We were 11 at that time,” Kibum says.
“Then we became boyfriend/girlfriend a few years later during graduation,” Tiffany says wrapping up the baby shower and the dominants text the parents.

A/N I took a double look and realized that, according to a website, Ryeowook is an only child. Whoops.

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