Honeymoon Cruise [Hyunsung]


Jisung is left at the altar but his best friend Changbin convinces him to go on his honeymoon - a Carribean cruise - anyway. Turns out, listening to Changbin was a good call!

DISCLAIMER: This story is purely fictional! I don't own Stray Kids! 
Cross-posted on wattpad and ao3.
Cover made by my sister Jenny


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Chapter 1: I loved this story. It was so good <3
niel-ie #2
Chapter 1: did I kinda cried at the ending? yes I did! this is great! thank you for all of your hardwork <3
Omg I read this in ao3 . a friend of mind recommended this. It's really good sjsnsjsbsjsn so much fluff
maedtuggi #4
Your story about hyunsung is always amazibg... in love with your work authornim.. ♡♡
Chapter 1: this gave me 7000 miles vibes but still, i loved it anyways haha! you never fail to make me smile with your hyunsung oneshots (even tho my otp is seungjin thanks to the hogwarts fic hahaha) <3 hope to read manyyyyy more soon :D
Chapter 1: Cuuuute!!!