Ready to Run [Hyunsung]


“You know it’s dangerous to pick up hitchhikers, don’t you?” he asked, sounding a little less serious than before. “You don’t scare me very much”, Hyunjin said. Jisung laughed. “How do you know I’m not just playing the lost boy and I’m actually secretly plotting to kill you?”

Hyunjin meets a cute stranger somewhere in Nevada and decides to help him get to Providence, Rhode Island. 

(once again, sorry for the horrible cover lol)


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Its funny when it jisung's dad was mention , I thought jisung would go after his father but them when he didn't I thought of a sequel could happen where his father finds put about him and wants him as heir of his business !!.

Its just me fantasying =^^=
Would that kind of fix hyunjin's family issue ???
Chapter 1: Best fanfic ever its truly amazing ^^:3+++
Chapter 1: This is awesomely done, not too fast and not too slow, a perfect pace if i may call it..i love it and thank you for sharing this with us :-)
chemieljin #4
Chapter 1: Huhuhu i really like the story you did great!!!!
Lxzwriter #5
Chapter 1: I really like this story! Thumbs up for you! Thank you for making such a great fiction te read about hyunsung. There's not much hyunsung fic in aff or even in wattpad i could find. Anyway, please make another good story, im supporting you!
Chapter 1: I love it! I wish something romantic like that would happen to me!! :(