The Dreamies had a secret they shared together. They might not be living in the same place in the same time but their brotherhood was as tight as family. They spent their time happily on their secret rendezvous place. They were so happy until an unexpected tragedy which they weren't expect and aware happened. The bond that they have was threatened to break, the temporary paradise they were living on was crumbling. The Dream they shared and cherished splattered. The sacrifice should be made to turned it back. The choice they made will determined everything. What will they chose? Their happiness or their life?


I wrote this story because I was inspired by the NCTmentary. That's why I used it as the background of the story. My love for OT7 Dreamies and the amazing story line of NCTmentary push me to write this. I wish all the Dreamies stan could enjoy it :)

I still writing my unfinished previous story. So, I won't update for... I don't know how long.


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