Sold To My Husband's Brother

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Being sold to someone can be the deepest scratch on someone's dignity.

It gets worsen when the person you call your husband is the one selling you off like a piece of worthless belonging.

It is the last thing a wife would ever expect her husband to do.

(I am not satisfied with the description, but I don't wanna spoil any snippet of the story here. So that's it.)


Kim Mishil, ​​​​​​a happily married woman in the eye of the outer world, was already living in a hell due to her alcoholic, gambler husband. 

But she was dragged into a bigger hell when she was sold by her husband. 

The woman who was struggling to find the pieces of her once broken dignity, can she handle another, bigger storm over her crumbled self esteem? Will she accept being sold as her fate or will she fight with it till the end?

And being sold to none other than her husband's own brother, will it lessen up her struggles or will it toughen it up even more somehow?




HELLO, I am your shameless author, back with another story plot eating up her head from past few months. 

First of all I'd like to  warn in advance that this story will contain many type of uncomfortable situations. So read it at your own risk.

Mention of gambling, ual scenarios, slight violence, things, forced scenes, swearing etc can appear, even though I am myself not sure about all. So yeah, feel free to abandon this if you are uncomfortable with these type of scenarios.

And I'd also like to add that I'll not be updating frequently because I am currently dealing with some personal issues.

(I know I haven't mention The brother of Kim Mishil's husband, but I am sure you know who he is. So wait patiently for his arrival ;) )




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Chapter 5: Chapter 5: Thank you so much for the update, I really enjoyed this chapter. Even though Baekhyun is not very nice and mocks Mishil at every turn, he does come through and help. I don’t think the new job will be a very good one and I’m sure Baekhyun will continue to pop up when least expected. I hope they can become friends again before things heat up.
Chapter 5: This is so good! I'm so looking forward to read the next chapter
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Chapter 5: Thanks for updating. So good that Baekhyun got angry at the sales girl. Look forward to the next chapter. Don't think the new job will be peaceful for her.
Chapter 5: I love this chapter😊 waiting for the next chapter
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Chapter 5: Ughh.. those peoples.. felt so bad for oc.. but glad that despite the situation and obstacles she atleast didn't give up... her husband and mother on another level..bruh...that woman, how could someone behave like that... woah... baekhyun saved her or trapped her.. ugh... but despite all the bitter feelings, hurtful words and mocking, he indeed helped her.. even though he so slyly got what he wanted... I think he still has some feelings for her that's why he did that... also as ex best friend.. woah her bold words amazed me though.. and she got the job.. aww.... but I think somehow baekhyun helped her to get that job.. no I don't think so...sounds like a trouble already... hope everything goes well for her...thank you authornim for updating despite your busy excited to read next chapter.. welcome back.. I'll definitely wait for it.. take care of yourself and stay safe..authornim hwaiting and have a wonderful day or night ❤️
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Chapter 5: I love this new version,where it is going.