strawberries and cigarettes


hongki was everything seunghyun could have ever asked for.


and strawberries and cigarettes always taste like you.


heavily heavily heavily (important things need to be said thrice) inspired by troye sivan's strawberries and cigarettes. clearly.

straight up dove into this with no planning whatsoever, so we'll see how it turns out.


edit: did i really ing spend the majority of 2-3 hours writing this instead of doing homework that's due on monday? is it 3:38 am because of my careless actions because i just ing love this song and this ship and would do anything for them? did i just write something entirely in past tense which is something that i never do?

the answer is yes.

but did i also write about smoking when i have never smoked a single thing in my entire life? do i even endorse or support smoking, as an adult or as a teen?

the answer is no.


i DO NOT endorse or support smoking, though this piece probably damn well romanticizes it, but i want no ing shade from anyone for it because this is a creative piece, and god be damned if oldass authors didn't romanticize smoking and drinking as well, and god be damned if anyone actually believes anything written in fanfiction to be pure and true and holy, because it's 3:41 and i am telling you now, if no one's ever told you, that fanfiction is NOT an example for real life, and oftentimes, it is only ever the opposite.

so. yes.


a big thank you to fairvoyance graphics for the amazing poster and background! check them out here or click on the poster!


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Chapter 1: Awwww....I'm sooooo happy that it's a happy ending at the end!! I was so worried something would happen to hongki since he seems to be living so much on the edge ><
Btw, did you deliberately leave everything in lowercase? I think it makes this story even more beautiful because it has this sense of being understated or subtlety. Hmm...I'm not quite sure how to express it, but like although their lives seem tough, but at the end of the day, they're a very small part of this world and that they're just living their lives normally. I bs-ing too much? lol ^^"
whoa i love this so much!!! i love the way you wrote every word and also i love the plot. strawberries and cigarettes always reminds me of hongki and you nailed it. tbh ive never thought about hongki/seunghyun ship but bc of you this ship owns my whole heart. im in love with your work and also hongki/seunghyun ship. istg ftisland fanfic is so rare im gald i found this beautiful fic. thank you so much for writing this. i will be so happy if you write another hongki/seunghyun or anything with ftisland as main characters. thank you!
Chapter 1: Omg! ♡♡ This is so good! I loved how you wrote it along the lyrics! This is so underrated, and so ia ft island.
Chapter 1: this so wholesome and poetic. i honestly love your writing style and im so into how this all worked out to a happy, sweet ending. A+++++ your 4 am rambles are AMAZING and i need to read more of your writing like right now
i appreciate this foreward and description so much im so excited to read
Reading this when I get off work yaaayy!!