They wouldn’t have it any other way.


Disclaimer: Characters mentioned are not owned by the author, only the story. This story is made out of the author's pure imagination.


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LysFernanda #1
Chapter 1: This is so... They. I love it
Lilliana_Lily_Lieben #2
Chapter 1: This was so beautiful. It's was so cute and fluffy yet nothing to cringe about. Usually I am not into these type of writings because most authors tend to make it cheesy, but yours was perfectly different. I couldn't stop smiling the entire time when I was reading. Thank you for writing this beautiful one shot. Hoping to get more writings from you on coffe and muffin.
Ardya1815 #3
Chapter 1: Aaa i really like them
Chapter 1: I adore them. I need to make more cute videos of them seriously!
kpop1713 #5
Chapter 1: This is too adorable and would love more!
Lookhere #6
Chapter 1: I’m loving this pair so much. They are such cute dorks.