Pisces and Leo

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One day in beautiful morning inside the office room

"Say it again!!"

"Wae?! Wae?! Wae?! I said you are crazy midget!!!"

"You better don’t start it pink monster!!!" The midget fired back.

"I’m not pink monster midget!!!"

"Huh yeah really?? Look from your head until your feet, all pinks!!!"

"My fashion has nothing to do with the problem!!!" The pink girl screamed.

"It has! You’re hurting my eyes! I couldn’t focus because of that stupid pink!!!"

"Take your words back midget! Pink is not stupid!!!"

"I won’t!!!"

*knock knock*

"Errrr... hey couple" Sooyoung smiled, standing in front the door.

"WE’RE NOT COUPLE!!!" Both of them said in unison, sending a dead glare to Sooyoung.

"Woa woa easy there guys" Sooyoung took one step back.

"What do you want?" Taeyeon crossed his arms.

"Boss is looking for you, midget"

"Shut up giraffe"

Before Taeyeon left, he didn’t forget to send a glare to the pink girl as well as Tiffany. It was normal scene for everyone in office. They are used to hear the couple bickering every time.



"Your mom is better than you"

"So I’m the bad one here?"




“Grilled eel!" She excitedly said.


"Waee it’s my favourite" Tiffany whined

"Okay okay. You’re the princess today"



"I don’t want hear her name!" Tiffany almost yelled.

"Hey don’t need to yell! I’m not deaf!"

"Good to know!"




"Get out. I don’t want to talk about this anymore"




Hi guys I'm back with new story. This is one shot story I've posted on my instagram before. Some of you might know me at instagram as snsdsone_taeny and know about this story (= ̄ω ̄=).I posted this story again here for AFF readers here and I changed the gender to make it same with my others story. So hope you guys will like it^^.

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