Oh, It's the Best Thing That You've Ever Had


Irene works in a hospital. Five years ago, she was waiting tables at a five star restaurant. A decade ago, she boarded planes as a flight attendant. Twenty years ago, an orphaned girl was pulled off the streets with nothing but the switchblade gripped in her right hand. Not all is as it seems. Or, Irene's been taught to always have a plan. Seulgi was never part of the original plan.


Hiya hummingbirds!

Pyre here with another fic! This one's a concept I've wanted to try out for a super, super long time, and it wasn't until now that I felt confident enough to finally try it out! I hope you enjoy, I'm really excited about this one, and I hope you like the story as well! Feel free to leave comments, they make me happy!



P.S. a major shoutout to chococo (@chocojesu), XY (@goldfinchex), and Lizzy (@Xtina592) for helping me out by reading this as a WIP and giving me some feedback!

P.S. BIGGEST SHOUTOUT EVER to Malika, one of the Cool Kids, for being the coolest buddy ever, helping me plan the plot, rereading this thing over and over again as it grew larger and larger, and constantly giving me her thoughts! You're awesome, here's to the 2nd oneshot you've helped me write!

uhhhh come yell at me on twitter or something lol I'm @pyrefIy (the L in fly is actually an uppercase i lol)
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