We’re Living Restless (But It’s You and I)


If Seulgi had been the average tourist, she would've seen Bae Irene on the street and admired the other woman's beauty quietly before moving on with her life. That's all fine and dandy, except that Seulgi's far from the average tourist, and Irene’s a famous soccer player who has double the visuals of Aphrodite herself. Or, Seulgi plays soccer for South Korea, Irene plays for the United States, and they're both kinda fans of each other (not that they're aware of it).


Hiya hummingbirds!

It's a twoshot, and it's another (completely new) seulrene soccer au with a new storyline because I can write whatever I want lol this one was inspired by the FIFA Women's World Cup that took place in the month of June and ended just a few weeks ago! The fic also includes a small handful of members from the US Women's National team, mostly because I wanted to share with you guys a little bit of my love for Women's Soccer, and how awesome the sport is!

Please enjoy!

~ pyrefly

P.S. this fic's dedicated to Malika, who not only freaks out about women's soccer with me, but also helped me out a ton with the planning for this fic haha (she helped with the space dragon fic and the agent fic too, so bless her soul for being an amazing human and bouncing ideas with me!)

P.P.S. find me on Twitter @pyrefiy if you wanna chat or something lol

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