I Wanna Be Red


Seulgi’s the leader of chart-topping K-band, The Velvet, and Irene’s Korea’s it-girl, her acting career renowned worldwide. Neon lights, cityscapes, glasses of wine. Or, “Sometimes I wonder if mega actress superstar Bae Irene would ever try picking girls up in a club like the rest of us mortals.”


Hiya friends!

I feel like it's been forever LOL my second year of university just ended, and despite my schedule clearing up a lot more recently (I was gonna have an internship this summer but not anymore, thanks covid-19 lol) a lot's still going on irl atm, but somehow through it all I managed to write this twoshot, so yay! Hopefully I can churn out more stuff by the end of my break from uni, so we'll see haha

I have honestly no idea what possessed me to write this fic, so uh, yeah lol it was just a fun thing to get my hands on, and I hope you enjoy!

~ pyrefly

P.S. iirc basically every song mentioned in this fic comes from my favorite K-band, The Rose! I thought their discography fit the vibe I wanted Seulgi's band to have, so that's what I went with lol

P.P.S. You can find me @pyrefiy on twitter if you wanna chat, and uh, coffee is always fun (if you get my drift lol) so if you wanna do something with that, the ko-fi link is here.

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