So you're the newbie?


High schooler Lee Yong Jin, joining Class 2d1n with only 6 students, will be his greatest nightmare unimaginable.


Hello, welcome to my story "So, you're the newbie?"

First of all, as a 5 year old 2d1n fan, I was not happy with the addition of Lee Yong Jin as an intern. The 6 people cast had been perfect, a 7th member just seemed weird to me. But at the same time, Yongjin is doing well also. He is witty, funny and most importantly, unlucky lol. So besides from complaining, I decided to write out my imagination of this new member entering the big group!! 

It is going to be a comedy I guarantee XD and I will try my best to update as fast as I can. And also, feel free to give me ideas about what you wish the newbie goes through, and please do leave comments!! I like to communicate with people I don't know!! ((Wth


1. Every person in this story are real existing, but their characters and actions are 100 percent imagined. Don't take anything too serious guys!!

2. English is not my first language plus i am writing on my phone. Sorry for any grammatical and spelling errors in advance!!

3. Enjoy the story and support 2 days 1 night!!

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