Gfriend Anthology

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The future content of this one shot story collections will be written by me, but the plot, pairings, genre, and how the story developed will be based from the reader's requests.


Comment your request below. 


Pairing: YerinxUmji

Genre: rated m

Plot: Yerin is ually frustrated. She went out of her room to get some air and cool herself down, but as she was walking to the kitchen, Umji emerged from the bathroom. Wrapped in a pink bathrobe with her hair still dripping wet. She her lips and walks closely to the maknae, eyeing the latter as if she's her prey. 



Don't rush me into writting your request because I'll surely write those for you. If your request is not written, comment again. Gfriend pairings only!


If you are too shy to comment about your req. Just message me and I'll keep you anonymous.
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