Never mind your bleeding heart


The first time Seungwan saw Joohyun, she’d just turned 13 and the older girl was 14, a few weeks away from her birthday. She fell in love instantly.


A story about growing up and growing older and growing into yourself, about having the strength to fight for what you want and the wisdom to let go of what you can't have. It's a story about pain and acceptance, about innocence and maturity. And it's a story with a happy ending, because we deserve to have those too.

This fic will be divided into three long chapters, each of them loosely following a year in Seungwan’s life. I’ll update once a week.

The title for the fic, as well as the name of each chapter, were all taken from Regina Spektor songs that I thought fitted the mood of each part. I collected all 4 songs in a little Spotify playlist here.

150 upvotes! You all are so generous and supportive, thank you so much for all the attention you've given this story ^^
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