Twitter Drabble Giveaways


From girl scout cookies to heartfelt letters, from Parisian cafés to cozy libraries, from first meetings to last goodbyes, you can get a taste of anything here. Enjoy bite-sized doses of fluff, angst and everything in between. And the best part? You can be the one to pick what comes next! Dive into this collection of one-shots based on the winning prompts of my regularly-occurring twitter drabble giveaways and, who knows, it might be your prompt that wins next time.



  1. Home (Wenrene) - They used to lie awake at night and count the stars. Remember all the centuries shared, await with bated breath the countless centuries ahead of them. Joohyun still lies there alone, but the sky doesn’t hold the same warmth. It stares back, cold and hostile. Even the constellations have changed.
  2. Remember me (Wenrene) - Dear Joohyun, It’s Seungwan. Remember me? I sure hope you do, or this will be very embarrassing. Maybe it’s a good thing I’m only writing a letter and not popping up at your doorstep or something. Especially if you’ve moved.
  3. Cookie girl (Wenrene) - “How many times have the girl scouts even been here?” Yerim carries on, absently ripping open the carton in her hands and reaching inside. She turns to face Joohyun then, eyes carrying the light-hearted impatience that her older sister’s idiosyncrasies always tend to elicit. “And can you stop buying something every time they come by?”
  4. A practical guide to getting lucky (Wenrene) - Sitting behind her book, pulled at random from the nearest shelf on her way in, Seungwan ponders her options once more: go up to the cute librarian and actually talk to her (which she never does), keep sitting there and hope the librarian will approach her instead (which never happens) or give up on her crush and go home. Well, not go home forever. She’ll still come back for books every once in a while, libraries are pretty useful like that.
  5. We've got to stop meeting like this (Wenrene) - The first time they meet, Irene kills the target Wendy has been seducing for the past three months and runs off with his (hopelessly encrypted) laptop. The second time they meet, Wendy shorts out the bugs Irene has planted all over a particular hotel room. She isn't even sure who is staying there, she just wants some payback.
  6. Distractions (Wenseul) - Her sketchbook was open before she’d even made the conscious decision. But she really couldn’t help it. Beauty must be captured. When the Muse calls, an artist must answer.
  7. Rude love (Joyrene) - “March 27th, 8:19 PM,” Seungwan interrupts as she reads something off her phone screen. Sooyoung reaches for it desperately, but she yanks it out of reach. “‘Guys, do not let me leave the company without trying my chances with boss .’” She pauses for dramatic effect, but picks it up as soon as Sooyoung attempts to intervene. “‘I’m not even joking right now. Seriously. Do not, under any circumstance, let me chicken out of this.’ There’s a lot more but you went into pretty graphic detail so I didn’t write it down.”
  8. I'm the bad guy (duh) (Wenrene) - "I love my boyfriend." Irene pauses, sighs, doesn't get up. "It's so hot when you say that."
  9. Set phasers to stun (Wenrene) - "So who's this new mechanic you've hired?" "Wendy Son." Irene keeps her silence as Taeyeon takes another sip of her coffee, then sighs heavily once she realizes no other information is coming. "And... what is she like?" she eventually prompts. "...Peppy?" Irene blinks, unimpressed.
  10. Late nights (Wenrene) - There is no middle ground. No transition. There is only rough friendship and smooth seduction, those are the two sides of Joohyun on which one can land. And that's why it's so utterly confusing for Seungwan to be stuck there. In that nonexistent middle.
  11. Dungeons and dragons and flower festivals (Wenrene) - Her sword hangs on her waist, but its thin blade isn't ideal for either the squishy elementals or the skeletal undead that haunt the place. Swinging a big heavy thing at them works much better, sending the bones clattering every which way like bowling pins or exploding the colorful goo as the essence within flies up towards the surface. She hopes whatever is keeping them away now will also be susceptible to a nice whack in the noodle. And that the treasure it’s crawled down here to guard is worth her time.
  12. Women in Science (Wenrene): It’s a silly little question, of course. It’s just a young woman with a briefcase. Irene doubts anyone else will even remember her name once the conference is over. But honestly, she needs somewhere to direct her energy, and she can’t help but feel a kinship with the only other person in that room who shares her fate. Young, female and overlooked.
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