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Seulgi has always been silent, cool, distant and collected ever since her family was involved in a massacre. It was just either a hum, a scoff or silence. She is strong and is used to pain. But it surprised her that a pang in her chest choked her breath when the girl who used to be chasing after her all those years no longer wants The Kang Seulgi, herself. 


Kang Seulgi came back after a 3 long years of being gone from Seoul. She was chosen to lead a team for an investigation—a high class case around South Korea and even outside the country.

Her friends never heard from Seulgi. Not even her.

Now she’s back from Thailand with her lone duffel bag thrown over her right shoulder. She felt different—foreign in her own land. She then realized she’s not been in her apartment yet but standing outside a pre-school around the city. And her eyes were caught by a raven hair, pale-skinned woman glowing underneath the sun as she smiles sweetly to her students.

‘So she’s a teacher now.’

Their eyes meet and she wasn't sure if that was surprise, anger, fear or confusion in the raven’s chocolate orbs. But the look in her eyes didn't last long as they then relaxed. She smiled at her.

Seulgi recognized it wasn't that kind of smile—the one that was only meant for her. It was now indifferent.

Even though, she swallowed the confusion building inside her and greeted the long-known lady (Seulgi now asks herself if she still knows her), addressing her name just like before.

“Joohyun.” A nonchalant nod came after.


By the call of her name, then she realized it was the pang of hurt that was confusing her because even the endearment was dropped off.

Yes, I changed the title because I'm lame when it comes to titles :3


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Chapter 1: I really like it when Seulgi have that attitude and the story definitely great author! And I hope you to update this soon :)
Chapter 1: God damn it! This is so good!! Omg I can feel my heart swell because of this fic. I can't wait for the next update! God bless you and your brain :")
Jokomin #3
Chapter 1: seulgi is giving me sasuke vibes w her tsundere looking lol. I rlly like this story
jasonds #4
Chapter 1: What a nice story
ayyseulgi #5
Chapter 1: i might sound like a weeb or whatever but wenseulrene’s interactions remind me of team 7 from naruto,, naruto-wendy sasuke-seulgi and sakura- irene lmao
Ouch, don't worry Seul, I'm here lol haha
Excited for this!
yulliseek #7
I’m excited for thissss