My Teacher and I

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Seulgi has no plan of settling down. Not when every girls and boys are under her charismatic being. No, she had no plans on marriage yet---especially not with her English teacher. 

Thank you for being so patient and for taking this fic to 1k subscribers! You guys are jjang! I never imagined to have this much love for this story. Thank you for all the support! Happy new year seulrenity! <3


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Oct_13_wen_03 136 streak #1
Hope u doing great author nim 🤍
Chapter 11: aahhhh i miss this story
Chapter 10: I wanna fight with bogum
Oct_13_wen_03 136 streak #4
Chapter 10: Come back please 😭😭
febrian #5
Chapter 1: where are youuuuuuuu
i miss this story
855 streak #7
Chapter 11: hope you’ll continue this fic><
kang_joohyun11 #8
Chapter 11: Updateeee pleaseee 🥺
febrian #9
update this pleasee:((
This is one of the fanfics I go back to reread every once in a while :) Makes me feel real warm inside, I hope you're doing well author!