You're a Light From Afar That Blinds My Eyes


Glancing at the clock resting up on the wall, Irene frowns, gingerly raising an index finger. Carefully, she draws a circle in the air, and she watches the clock hands move counterclockwise. Outside, the sun moves from west to east. Or, Irene has watched the world burn once, watched her lover disappear into that bright light. She's not letting it happen again, even if she doesn't realize it.


Hiya hummingbirds, it's pyre!

With Red Velvet's new comeback fast approaching, I wanted to release something a bit ahead of the occasion to get everyone hyped, so here's a little superhero AU for you all! I hope you like my spin on it! I took a slight bit of inspiration from Marissa Meyer's Renegade novel series in terms of setting. 

Thank you to everyone for reading my fics! I'm forever grateful for all the support!

Please enjoy!


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