Love Equation


Hakyeon lives a life of hilarious mishaps, a little drama, and a growing realm of emotions as his tries to find love among the people he cares most for. Will he find his perfect match or will Jaehwan eventually accidentally kill them all?


(I'm honestly such at descriptions. I'm sorry.)


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I really have to continue this one
Sinii92 #2
Chapter 6: I really love your writing style <3 it is so cute and funny and this story is A+
Yehetkpopboys #3
Chapter 1: Poor little Jaehwanie...
foxwot #4
Chapter 4: This story is mental and I love it.
Will read this soon:D
Chapter 3: This fanfic can go further. Keep it up! ^w^
Chapter 2: idk how to just made me laugh and made me happy to start a day!