Wonshik and the Chicken Nugget

Love Equation

Chapter 6: Wonshik And the Chicken Nugget

Waking up the next morning, Hakyeon found his head resting on Hyuk’s chest, the man’s arms around his shoulders. Cursing quietly at the cuddly position, he slipped out of bed and unlocked the bedroom door. His jeans were uncomfortable from rolling around in his sleep but he had felt like borrowing some pajamas from Hyuk would have crossed a line of some sort, or, at the very least, made it much easier for his friend to get into them. He was just going to have to stick to Wonshik’s side from now on to be safe. He was no home wrecker. Nope. Not Cha Hakyeon.

As he entered the hallway and nearly pissed himself in surprise as a disgruntled Hongbin shoved him into the wall in his frenzy to return to his boyfriend. Groaning at the feeling of his body colliding with the wall, Hakyeon righted himself and shook his head as a still slightly green faced Jaehwan staggered out of the hallway.

“How you feeling, buddy?” Giving his sick friend a comforting rub on his back, Hakyeon gave him a sympathetic look.

“I’m… I’m oka-” Before he could finish his sentence, Jaehwan was racing back into the bathroom to vomit. “I’M A ING CHICKEN NUGGET, HAKYEON! A CHICKEN NUGGET DROPPED ON THE SIDEWALK IN A MUDPUDDLE WHILE ITS RAINING AND STEPPED ON AND COVERED IN USED GUM!” Wailing, Jaehwan sank to the bathroom floor again, motioning for him to come inside. “Go ahead and pee. I wont look at your toaster strudel diddly doodle.”

“I appreciate that, Jae. But I’d rather the word ‘Toaster’ never be used when talking about my junk, thanks.” Hakyeon took care of his bladder needs and washed his hands, feeling Jaehwan’s forehead. “Have you slept here all night?”

“Uhuh.” Pouting, Jaehwan leaned against the wall, still sitting near the toilet. “I haven’t had enough of a break from throwing up to sleep. I’ve thrown up so much I could have made a whole new Jaehwan out of my own puke.”

“You poor thing. Come on.” Sighing, and feeling at least a little guilty, Hakyeon looked through Taekwoon’s medicine cabinet for anything to settle the other man’s stomach, finally finding a bottle of liquid that promised to do the job quickly. “Here you go. Take some and we’ll get you nice and comfortable, okay?”

“Thanks, Hakyeonie. Even if this medicine does taste like betrayal and sadness.” Giving him a weak smile, Jaehwan did as he was told and then allowed his Hakyeon to assist him to the couch. “Soooooooo… Did Hyuk try to touch your ding dang ting tang walla walla bing again?”

“Lee Jaehwan…” Huffing in annoyance, Hakyeon squished his friend’s cheeks, not wanting to talk about the night before. “No, you absolute creep .” Tucking him in,he covered his friend with a spare blanket from the closet, finding him a trash can in case he felt nauseated. “Try to get some rest, brat.”

“What if I’m already asleep and this is just some weird fever dream?” Questioning, Jaehwan looked up at Hakyeon with a panic beginning to set into his expression.

“Then maybe you should sleep.” Chuckling, Hakyeon rubbed Jaehwan’s head gently. “The only way to wake up from a dream like that is to go to sleep.”

“What if I can’t fall asleep?!” Voice raising a few notes in fear, Jaehwan tried to sit up, never one to sleep easily on a normal day let alone in a situation like this. Hakyeon gently held him down, shaking his head.

“I mean…” Adopting a faux serious face, he gave Jaehwan the most solemn nod he could muster. “You’ll be stuck in this dream forever, I guess.”

“What the , Hakyeon! That’s terrifying!” Nearly screeching, Hakyeon barely calmed Jaehwan down before he could wake everyone else up. He was still tired and hoping to curl up next to Wonshik for a few hours in the guest room.

“Guess you should get some sleep then.” Whispering, he tucked Jaehwan in again and kissed the top of his head.

“Right!” Nodding in determination, Jaehwan shut his eyes tightly, pretending to snore for only a few moments before the medication kicked in a sent him into slumber. Checking one last time that Jaehwan had everything he needed, Hakyeon made his way to the guest room to sleep.

“Mn?” Barely opening his eyes when Hakyeon shed his pants and crawled into bed beside him, Wonshik gave him a sleep smile and wrapped his arms around the tanner man. “Hi.’

“Hey. Don’t wake up. I’m going to sleep too.” Smiling back, Hakyeon snuggled against the warm body under the blankets and closed his eyes. Next to Wonshik, all the stress seemed to slip away.

“How’s Jae?” The deep voiced man questioned, one hand rubbing his back and the other playing gently in his hair. It was clear he was still mostly asleep but his concern for their friend was enough to keep him semi conscious.

“He’s apparently a desecrated chicken nugget now but he’ll be fine.” Yawning against Wonshik’s collarbone, Hakyeon snuggling closer, his hands resting on Wonshik’s chest.

“Good enough.” Giving a tired chuckle, Wonshik took his hand from Hakeyon’s hair to tilt his chin up so they could lock eyes. “Get some sleep, beautiful.”

“Mhm. Ni-night Shikkie.” Smiling up at him as Wonshik leaned in to kiss him, Hakyeon was fast asleep before their lips even parted. He’d worry about Hyuk and that whole situation when he woke up. For now, he was happy.

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