Love Equation

Chapter 7: That


Hakyeon woke up hours later to a crashing noise, causing him to jerk awake and almost fall to the floor. Yawning, he made his way out of Wonshik’s makeshift room, forgetting his pants in the process, and wandered into the living room where a scene of chaos was unfolding. Wonshik held Hongbin by his waist and the man struggled to attack someone, presumably Hyuk with the way Taekwoon was standing between them. Jaehwan was curled up on the couch eating a piece of toast as he watched the fight.


“What’s going on?” Confused and still partly asleep, Hakyeon rubbed his eyes as he watched all sets of eyes turn to him.


“Oh, hey Hakyeon.” Sounding cheerful, Jaehwan nodded toward him and held up his toast. “You’ve got some great timing.”


“That kissed my boyfriend!” Hongbin shrieked like a pterodactyl that just realized the ‘p’ is silent and he’d been saying his name wrong his whole life, meaning it was loud and high pitched and full of frustration.


“Call him that again, Hongbin…” Taekwoon warned, taking a step closer to Hongbin with balled up fists. The look on his face was scary enough to give a whole nest of hornets heart attacks. Now Hakyeon was sort of wondering if they even had hearts. What would a hornet heart look like?


“Hakyeon wouldn’t kiss a taken man!” Wonshik’s protest brought his mind back to the present and away from the weird anatomy of insects. Hey yeah. He hadn’t initiated anything with Hyuk.


“I…” Before he could defend himself, Hongbin was shrieking at them again like an angry crow who’s french fry was stolen by a dog.


“Hyuk told me they kissed!” Pointing an accusatory finger at Hakyeon, Hongbin narrowed his eyes. “This HUSSY was all over my man!”


“I told you that I kissed him, Hongbin.” Groaning in annoyance, Hyuk shook his head and gave Hakyeon a regretful look. “He didn’t even return the kiss. He pushed me away.”


“You took advantage of him?!” Taekwoon seemed to be ready to fist fight Hyuk as he spun around to face him. Taking a few steps back, Hyuk put up his hands as though he were trying to diffuse the situation or use his hands as weak, fleshy shields. Both didn’t seem like very good options.


“You know what, Hongbin?” Letting the irate man go, Wonshik shrugged. “Go ahead and kill Hyuk.” Hongbin lunged forward and Jaehwan leaned over the back of the couch to grab the hem of his shirt with a chuckle.


“It was a quick kiss and I’m sorry it happened but I put an end to it and we went to bed.’ Hakyeon shrugged, suddenly realizing he wasn’t wearing pants which really didn’t help in an argument about if he were a loose hoe or not. “I don’t even think Hyuk meant to kiss me.”


“Oh no. I meant to. I’d do it again.” Shrugging, Hyuk looked him over and Hakyeon sighed in exasperation. How the hell did he even end up in this situation.


“You’re not helping, Hyuk!” Shaking his head, Hakyeon grabbed a pillow off the couch and covered his lower region, mostly because this was a super awkward conversation to have in your undies.


“You’re my boyfriend, Han Sanghyuk!” Hongbin reached around the fuming Taekwoon and slapped Hyuk across his face, much to the shock of nobody but Jaehwan who gasped as though someone told him that his hair looked like a three year old hyped up on a six cupcakes and nine juice boxes had cut it with jittery hands.


“I don’t really want to be.” Shrugging, Hyuk didn’t even bother to seem annoyed by the slap. “You’re a bit of an uppity and I’m tired of it.”


“Hakyeon, go to my room!” Taekwoon demanded, pointing at his bedroom door. Hakyeon was real tired of playing the role or Rapunzel locked up in Taekwoon’s castle and didn’t really want to go back in there again.


“ that. Hakyeon, go back to our room and get your pants on, okay?” Wonshik’s demand was far more concerned for Hakyeon’s emotional health then he was jealous. “You don’t need to experience this.” This whole situation was too much and he couldn’t help but feel at least a little guilty.


“I’ll tell you what. I’m going to get my pants on and Jae and I are going to go out for ice cream to celebrate his not dying of food poisoning.” He went back to Wonshik’s room and dressed quickly, pulling Jaehwan to his feet on his way back out. “You guys can work out this bull because I never asked for any of it.”


“Hakyeon!” Taekwoon called after him as he and Jaehwan rushed to get their shoes on. He ignored the angry man’s demanding tone and grinned at Jaehwan.


“Lets get the best ice cream. I think we’ve earned it.” Giving Jaehwan a thumbs up, Hakyeon shrugged on his coat. A hand gently touched his shoulder and Wonshik turned him to look him over.


“I want the ice cream with the chewy bits and marshmallows and fruit and chocolate sauce!” Excited, Jaehwan clapped his hands, bouncing up and down slightly. It was a wonder that Jaehwan could be excited to eat anything after spending all night nearly dying but the guy really was a trooper.


“Okay. You guys have fun. I’ll call you when it’s calmed down.” Kissing Hakyeon’s forehead, Wonshik handed him a wad of cash. “Ice cream is on me. Coffee too. Just enjoy yourself. It’s been stressful lately.”


“Thank you, Wonshikkie.” With a hug and a pat on Wonshik’s bottom, Hakyeon nodded and exited the apartment with Jaehwan. Irritated that he was always at the center of drama when he didn’t ever intend to be, Hakyeon pushed back the thoughts of Hyuk and Hongbin out of his mind, determined to just have a good time with his friend without being worried that he was going to get molested in some way.



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