Our true selves I. - Donghyun's Pov


Sometimes we hide our true selves, because we’re afraid if the others get to know who we truly are, they will judge us. But the most important thing is who we are without our wrapper. Let’s be brave and show our real selves, because we’re all beautiful as we are. This world is colorful, because we’re all alike but still different.


Well as you can see from the tags this will be again a dongpaca /Kim Donghyun and Lim Youngmin/ fanfic. I still love MXM with my whole heart. Now I came a fanfic that will be based on real life again. I just think the reality is always better than a full fictional story.  So there will be some real fact about them again, but the largest part is only my fantasy. 

Well let’s start. I hope you will enjoy it. I would be happy if you wrote me a comment. They really motivate me. Let me know what you think about my fanfic. English isn't my first language so please be patient with me if I made some grammar mistakes.

Update: The story continues. Look for Our true selves II. - Donghyun's Pov


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