You Are Beautiful To Me


"To be beautiful means to be yourself."

Park Minyoung is a Queenka at Angsang High. She is the most popular, most sought after girl in the entire school. But when a sudden freak accident occurs, Minyoung finds herself outcast and transfered to Gangso College where the most popular kingka group reside. They call themselves SHINee. Here she meets the handsome, athletic yet quiet and reserved Choi Minho.

Follow Minyoung's and Minho's journey as they learn to love life and not take things for granted; as they learn to love themselves... and eachother.

Learning to love and live again is not easy.

A heartfelt story guaranteed to pull at your heartstrings ^_^





N e w  B e g i n n i n g s

“Park Minyoung?” A small framed teenage girl with luscious long black hair turned around in response to her name. “I need you to…” the person who called her, looked up from his clipboard and almost dropped it. He was so startled by the face of the girl, which was now wearing a pained look, as if she had been expecting this type of response.

Her face was covered in deep, ugly gashes which ran from one corner of her face to the other, distorting the shape of her lips into thinner and tighter lines. Burns were imprinted onto either side of her cheeks, leaving a red cluster of bumps and crevasses permanently etched onto her once flawless face. She also had a scar running down the centre of her nose, making it appear like a nose job gone wrong.

She was hideous to look at, save for her eyes, which seemed to have been spared from the onslaught of injury. They were big and dark, framed by long, natural lashes. However, there was no life in her eyes. Gone were the twinkling lights once seen in those happy few. All that was left was a void of darkness which seemed to pierce into the soul of those who looked into them. She was empty, no longer happy.

These eyes of Park Minyoung now searched those of the young student teacher, questioning him with her intense gaze.

“I’m sorry. What is it you needed me to do?” She asked politely.

He silently handed her the clipboard and pointed out the areas which she was to fill out.

Minyoung took it and completed the questions in a few seconds. But her gaze lingered on the simple watermark which adorned the top of the form.


Gangso College, a place of opportunity and growth.


She sighed inwardly.

A new school, and with it, hopefully a new beginning. She thought.

Minyoung was quick to hand back the clipboard after thinking about her decision to transfer schools.

I didn’t used to be this ugly. Please understand though, I’ve changed.

She then hitched her one shouldered back higher onto her shoulder and scurried away. Head down low, unable to look at anyone or let anyone look at her face.


It was to be a new beginning for Minyoung. And also a new beginning for one boy, one Choi Minho, who was going to change Minyoung’s life and similarly have his changed by the girl he loved.


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