Live Around It

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It happened this past summer. Jihyo concieved Brian's baby but he had no intentions of becoming a father at such a young age. But even months later he can't seem to straighten his thoughts, if only he could go back, he would hold her and never let go.


“Brian say something,” Jihyo whispers.

What did she want him to say? What could he say? There was only one thing on his mind right now and that was getting out of this place. Running as far away as possible - from her.


“Get rid of it.” He mumbles.

His words come out strained, he inhales finally realizing there was no air in his lungs. Brian swallows.

“What?” Brian meets her gaze and he can see the hurt in her eyes.

He didn’t realize it before but he can see now that she has been crying. Her eyes are puffy and red. Brian looks around the room trying to distract him from her appearance. He wanted to comfort her, he knew he should. But there was an itching in his soul, a need to flee, to forget everything he knew about her to erase all of their memories together and never return. In the hopes that this moment will too be forgotten.



Title: Live Around It

Series: You’ve changed me forever, and I’ll never forget you. 

Genre: Angst, Drama, Tragedy

Length: 2,000 words

Warning: mentions of abortion

Main Character(s): DAY6's Brian | TWICE's Jihyo


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junssoeun #1
Chapter 1: Omg its too sad ?????????