Baby's Black Balloon

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Park Jae-hyung and Kang Jimin have been in love and together for years but their relationship became toxic when she began using drugs. This one shot is a scene in where Jae remembers their past and is able to give her his final goodbye so he can move on with his life.


They must have done something wrong. They must have forgotten something, some indication some action or words that would have shown the realness about their love for her and how much they cared. Jae must have not done enough for her and her hidden dedication and maybe that’s what killed her.

The thought had run across his mind before. For a year he spent wondering what he’d done wrong. Wondering if there really was something that, had he pursued, would have saved her.


Title: Baby's Black Balloon

Series: You’ve changed me forever, and I’ll never forget you. 

Genre: Angst, Drama, Tragedy

Length: 5,000 words

Warning: mentions of drug abuse

Main Character(s): DAY6's Jae | 15&'s Jimin



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Chapter 1: This is so beautiful I cry a river I loved
Chapter 1: im.. crying. this is so beautiful, heartbreaking but beautiful.