The Colour Orange


A horrible fluffy story set in a background similar to an American high school in which Shin Hyunwook and Co. made getting the new kid into their social circle the goal of the year while Lee Seungwoo, junior and vice chair of the student body tries to keep them away from his already overflowing schedule.

Oh, and throw the difficulties and headaches of getting a partner for homecoming and prom just takes the whole thing onto another level.

(Also known as, the story in which Seungwoo tries to live a normal high school life except Hyunwook doesn't care what he thinks)


Started: 23.2.2018

Ended: --

Seungwoo heaved a sigh and spun on his chair to meet the mischevious and dancing eyes of his sister. "What do you want, Suhyo? I'm busy." She merely smirked, and made herself comfortable on his bed. Before he could protest, she drawled, "Hyunnie called us for a meeting. He said you have to come." He groaned. "You're not trying to hook that new transfer student up again, are you?" Suhyo swung herself up and away from his blanket. "Unfortunately so. And guess what, he had an awesome idea for doing that." "His so-called 'awesome ideas' often end up in the trash." "Whatever. You coming?" "No." 

Please kill me. Here's the fluffy story I swore not to write. Well, guess what. Anyways, there might or might not be a game called Choices involved. I do not live in America and hence if the stuff written inside is not written accordingly it's because the school isn't in America. It's supposed to be in Korea, but let's not fret over details. 


Seriously though, someone hit me over the head with hopefully something hard so I can come back to my senses before it's too late :')

Warning for: crack, fluff, , inappropriate about everything 


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Not only are you violating laws, it is an ethical offense.

Oh, and you'll have me after you, so I strongly advise you not to do it. 


OCs and their faceclaims: 

Lee Seungwoo - Park Junhee of A.C.E 
Lee Suhyo - Heize
Shin Hyunwook - Park Jinyoung of Got7
Shin Eunyeon - Yura of Girl's Day
Shin Jineul - Oh Sehun of EXO 


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