guerrillas ad populum

ᴳ ᵁ ᴱ ᴿ ᴿ ᴵ ᴸ ᴸ ᴬ ᔆ

The people, and the people alone, are the motive force in the making of world history. — Mao Zedong

One Year Later

There's a soft murmur throughout the small crowd as Yoohyeon stood behind, overlooking the small gathering as Sua took up the stage with an ominous grin. Yoohyeon preferred the planning and deceiving but Sua particularly liked the attention. Though it's not for the bad reasons, really, it was for the city. Sua cleared .

"Shouldn't it be you up there?" Voice flat and cold, Handong interrupted her reverie with an equally flat expression. Yoohyeon flashes her a grin.

"We're equals, Dongie. Besides, Sua unnie should put her charm to use instead of just stringing along our men and women to dates for her sole entertainment."

Handong sighs, "If I didn't know both of you better I'd question your integrity more than the ruling familia."

Yoohyeon scoffs but stays quiet. While it may be true that they are... despicable in some ways, it doesn't compare to what the familia have done to them, to her family and to the people of Seoul. Yoohyeon doesn't make a retort and she doesn't have to. 

Sua is still speaking with passion, her eyes ablaze and everyone in the crowd leans closer to listen, unconsciously nodding along as if they were entranced and Yoohyeon smiles. A small step but a step closer to their goal nonetheless. Their forces were nothing but the people are everything.

She feels someone stand beside her and Handong.

"Isn't this kind of underhanded unnie?" 

Yoohyeon glances at their youngest, eyes focused on Sua's act with a frown. Yoohyeon doesn't particularly like involving the girl but she had proven to be more than a cute face. Yoohyeon shrugs.

"Isn't that what guerrillas are for, G?" Yoohyeon looks back at the stage, at the people now readily agreeing with every word plotted against the ruling familia, planting seeds of doubt in their already cracked belief.


"We get them when they're unguarded."



guerillas ad populum

— for the people

— the guerrillas ad populum is a group of irregular soldiers that fights for change, for the people and against a greater force through underhanded attacks and tactics, ambushes and charms their way through the people as people is power. led by various leaders through a test of the fittest, the guerrillas aim is to overthrow the current familia — is not above resorting to despicable ways.





[a/n: we're almost there. meet the other side y'all. which one are you in? :D]

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