( i ) la infracción

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We are only as strong as united, as weak as we are divided.

— Albus Dumbledore


There's a small buzz of the noise in the markets, people crowding and passing for moments, whispered disagreements and hushed angry voices that brings a smile to Yoohyeon's lips. Each and everyday there's an occasional riot, people of different sides pushing and fighting each other, everyone getting restless. It was a perfect start.

Head held high and eyes gleaming, Yoohyeon continues her walk, taking in everything. Sua was great at aggravation, that she can't deny. However, it isn't that much of a piece of cake either. Some people are actually defending the familia's name— probably undercover members of them, she's sure and it annoys Yoohyeon to hear the occasional they're good people! and the usual they've changed. Changed. What a joke.

"Why am I here again?" A small voice interrupts her reverie and Yoohyeon smiles at the girl.

She'd somehow forgotten she brought company but the girl doesn't need to know that.

"I'm just showing you our progress. Don't you feel it, G?"

G only pulls the hood of her black sweater lower, covering half of her face and head subtly looking around suspiciously.

Yoohyeon frowns a bit, "You know I don't get why you don't like going town."

She hears the girl sigh.


Then she replies, "I don't know either. I just feel anxious for some reason."

They continue walking.

Yoohyeon had no destination in mind, only that she likes walking around town. She gets to hear what people wants and needs and at the same time so it was like killing two birds with one stone. Besides, Yoohyeon likes to believe in the concept of serendipity. She's fairly romantic, you see.

Someone bumps into them. Red hair and a cloak. And very seriously pretty and though the thought is irrelevant, it is very true. Sua would've been ecstatic. Yoohyeon herself is ecstatic. Very serendipitous indeed.

"I'm sorry," She mutters and Yoohyeon takes a sharp intake of breath at hearing her speak, a grin already making its way to her lips.

"No problem," Yoohyeon replies, hands holding the stranger's shoulders steady as the red haired girl wobbled, "Are you alright?"

She looks up and their eyes finally meet. Yoohyeon smiles her most charming smile.

"Oh uhm— yes. Sorry."

"Hyeon," Yoohyeon breathes.

The girl blinks, "What?"

"I'm Hyeon. What's your name?"

She backs up a bit, releasing herself from Yoohyeon's hold on her shoulders before looking at her in wonder.

"Hyeon. I want to go back," G interrupts, giving her an incredulous look as Yoohyeon shoots the younger girl a warning glare.

The stranger girl shifts her attention to G before she paled obviously, eyes widening a bit before she rubs it forcefully with her hands. Yoohyeon frowned.

"Are you sure you're alright?" She asks again.

She looked like she'd seen a ghost, Yoohyeon observed. The girl only shakes her head, eyes wandering anywhere but to G before giving Yoohyeon a strained smile.

"I have to go I'm— some err late sorry it was nice meeting you, uh, thanks," She rambled before slipping away, sprinting and blending into the crowd. For someone with red hair the girl blended well.

"What was that all about?" Yoohyeon groaned, sulking at the younger girl.

G only glares back, "Yes, what was all that about, Hyeon?"

"That was a nickname to hide our identities and that was a pretty girl that just slipped away from my grasps because you're horrible and you scared her away."

"When did you start acting like Sua unnie?" G frowns, looking downright annoyed and just plain exasperated at the older girl, "And the girl was suspicious."

Yoohyeon rolled her eyes but didn't argue. The girl is suspicious.

All the more reason for Yoohyeon to befriend her then.



° ° °

"Where the were you?" Dami seethed, eyes narrowing at the girl frozen in their doorstep.

She was shaking a bit, dark bags under her eyes and skin paler than usual. Dami's anger was suddenly gone and replaced by concern.

"Jiu what the hell," Siyeon exclaims as soon as she steps in the living room, running past Dami and straight to Jiu's shaken form. Dami rubs her temples, a headache already forming.

"Sorry," Jiu starts, gripping Siyeon's arm hard as she calms herself, "I was just assessing the, uhm, state of the town."

Siyeon sighs, "You don't need to do that yourself. It's dangerous."

Jiu shrugs in response, "You know I'm not satisfied on just hearing about things, I need too see it for myself. And it's not like they can recognize me, Siyeon."

"Still," Siyeon protests.

At that, Jiu shakes her head before letting go of Siyeon and straightening herself, "I'm still the leader, Siyeon. In case you've forgotten, I can fight."

"Yes and in case you've forgotten, you're one woman and they're our there," Dami interrupts, eyes hardening, "You couldn't even help her—"

"Dami!" Siyeon hissed.

Jiu flinches, shying away as Siyeon touches her in an attempt of some comfort. Dami doesn't budge. Siyeon looks at them both with bathed breath.

"I'm sorry," Jiu finally breathes, eyes pained and hurt and Dami feels guilt claw up , "I need to finish some paperworks."

Jiu avoids their looks before sprinting up the staircase and disappearing into her office.

Siyeon snapped as soon as she was out of hearing range.

"What the , Lee Yoobin!"

Full name and real name basis. Dami almost flinched. Siyeon was sweet but not when angry. None of them were.

"It was the truth."

"It was a low blow!" Siyeon screams, nose flaring in anger, "We don't talk about that and you don't ing blame it on her. Hell knows how much she's already blaming herself for it!"

"I wasn't blaming her."

"Then what was that?!"

Dami takes a deep breath, forcing down the irritation that's crawling up . They don't need this right now.

"It was the best way to make her think of her actions, Siyeon!" Dami answers, gritting her teeth, "I know what the I'm doing as her consigliere so stay out of it."

Siyeon shuts up though her glare remained.

She gives Dami and a resentful look before swiftly turning her back on her, shoulders visibly trembling in anger.

"You know you're just like Mother," Siyeon spat, her words sharp, "I can't believe I thought you were different."

Siyeon stomped away, leaving a lodge of frustration, anger and guilt that weighs down Dami's chest.

Dami trembled.

unitum, et maxima

United and great.

They were far from it at the moment.



[a/n] : sorry for the wait but here it is! hopefully this makes up for the long wait.

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