nova familia — unitum, et maxima

ᴳ ᵁ ᴱ ᴿ ᴿ ᴵ ᴸ ᴸ ᴬ ᔆ

familia supra omnia

Family above all — Jiu's fingers traced the outlines of the carved words on the towering bronze colored doors, a heavy feeling on her gut and her eyes wanders to the portraits hanging by the walls.

first. second. third. fourth. fifth. sixth.

Below each number words are names of legends, a solemn painting of what looks to be either tormented or wicked looks and Jiu swallows the bile that's forming on as the seconds tick by.

Kim Yongsun the Ignition. Lee Jieun the Peacemaker. Kim Taeyeon the Gentle. Lee Chaerin the Chaos. Kim Seokjin the Noble. Kim Jisoo the Elegant.

Kim Jiu... what is she?

She feels her back being slapped and Jiu coughs before swerving around only to be met with Sunbin's grin — Lee Sunbin the Strength but not anymore because Sunbin didn't want to. 

"What's with the look lil' sis?" Sunbin bumps their shoulders. Jiu sighs.

"We're of the same age, unnie."

Sunbin grins again, "And yet you call me unnie. Will you stop looking like you're carrying the world on your shoulders?"

Jiu gives her a look but Sunbin just shrugs. She grabs Jiu's arm and gently pulls her closer to the doors before placing her hands on Jiu's shoulders. Jiu stiffens a bit, her mind terrified at what's waiting on the other side. Sunbin pats her back again, this time softly.

"You're a good leader, Jiu. This wasn't meant for me, it was always yours and we'll be here to support you every step of the way." Sunbin whispers soothingly, unlike her usual brash and wild attitude. 

Jiu takes a deep breath, "Is it really too late for you to change your mind, unnie?"

"I'm afraid so," Sunbin says as she squeezes both of Jiu's arms as a form of reassurance, "Ready?"

Jiu takes one last look at the words staring right at her face.






nova familia

unitum, et maxima
( united and great )

— the nova familia is an organization of families that have been ruling and protecting seoul for at least six generations. led by six previous leaders, each generation ruled with their own sets of rules and regulations. titled as united and great, they are the union of the two richest family in the city. motto: familia supra omnia — meaning famliy above all.






[a/n: so i did write and update despite the loads of school works lol i have no self-control. and yes the casting will be huge — i'm worried myself lmao]

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ZCAG02 #3
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