What if i´m aual?


I´ve never been attracted to a boy or a girl. My name is Jennie Kim. Ever since I changed school everything has changed. New friends, new expectations, new problems and new everyday struggles. Sometimes I wonder if I am living, or if I just pretend to do so. Why does it seems like everyone around me have their future planned? While I still can´t figure out what tomorrows plan will be? Everything seems like a routine. I wake up, go to school, talk with friends, go home sleep and then repeat. My life have always been kind of normal and boring ..  well, not until this boy caught my attention.


Jennie Kim


Jung Jaewon (One)


Kim Hanbin (B.I)



English is not my first language, and this account was created because I was inspired to write after reading many fanfictions. Story by me and any similarities is just coincidences. That being said, enjoy (I hope) :) 

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Chapter 14: Thanks for updating this story! The story is interesting so far but I'd like to read more abt what the characters' thoughts are abt one another and find out more abt their psyche to get more involved in the story. But that's a personal opinion!
Keep up the good work~~!
ktn123 #2
Chapter 13: Lol Zico straight up left with her shoes? Also yess to all the jenbin moments this chapter!!
Blackinmotion #3
Chapter 13: Finally jenbin! Welcome back, i'm glad you updated!!
aamelie #4
Chapter 12: Oh this so good! I really like Jaewon and Jennie pairing in this story - though I will never oppose to Jenbin as well. I’m curious as to what Zico’s motives are???
ktn123 #5
Chapter 11: So it was Zico who did that to Jaewon, also who is the girl that was with jaewon? So junhoe was cheating on rose??? I’m sad because I like them together!! I hope hanbin is keeping an eye out for Jennie because I feel like Zico put something in her drink
25 streak #6
You had me at the title. Gonna read this!
mariangel #7
Chapter 11: i love jenbin!
LuRongLu #8
Chapter 11: Normally i ship jenbin but in this story i like jaewons character..maybd jenbin + jealous jaewon ? :D
ohiroo #9
Chapter 11: Sorry jaewon but I need jenbin interactions more
Chapter 4: Lol... I would like to see Hanbin and Jennie interacting in real life... Imma find in YouTube soon.