.: Carnival with Cannibals :.

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A carnival with 7 cannibals, in my dreams! This was my last night story, my nightmare! It becomes reality! Can somebody please save me?


They were weird. Why? Well they were in front of a fireplace wrapped in blankets in a summer night. It was hot and it was weird. I needed to get out of here. "No wait! Don't go" V said.


"Noona is scared?" Jungkook grinned. "Well No.." I said and tried to open the doorknob, but it was LOCKED!


They were psychos; I thought. "And be careful of what you think little girl." Suga whispered and left me. It was creeping. It was obvious that they weren't humans!


In the hall I saw a big clock. It wasn't working. The clock was doing its ticktock but the time was still in that place, without moving. "Time doesn't mean in here..." He said.

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