This Love


”It doesn’t take a lot of strength to hang on. It takes a lot of strength to let go.” – J. C.  


Ryeowook knew that letting go of Kyuhyun was probably something he should do, but he wasn't sure if he was strong enough. 


”W-what are you doing?” 


”I think... I think I’m letting you go.” 


AKA an angst one shot in which Ryeowook tries to see if he should give up on Kyuhyun or keep hanging on to him, that I found collecting dust somewhere in my files, realized I never finished it and then decided to motivate myself to work on it to get it done by publishing this foreword. Will it work? No idea. But it's almost done so it shouldn't take me that long (months?)

Thank you for the upvote! I am very grateful you liked it! Love you <3


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Omg I came here bc of your IN2IT poll asdfjkl I’m so shook, you’re a KyuWook fan too??? QwQ
Chapter 1: woaahhhh.. i love it... unpredictable beautiful.. sad but nice ending..
Chapter 1: hi ^^
I really like this fic thanks for writing it :D especially the end it made me so sad it's so good.
Chapter 1: MY HEART OMG This was filled with so much angst and it hurt me in so many ways! I loved it LOL
Thank you so much for this heartbreakingly beautiful fic! It was so good!
EYYYYYYYYY GURL. This story is dope. Honestly, you did such a good job with it (*whispers* rip my ing heart out why don't you it's not like i needed that or anything)
Seriousloy though, I bow to your angst abilities. You make both of them soooo sad. 10/10 would recommend. You're the best.
Chapter 1: I hate kyuhyun
I hate kyuhyun
I hope your story is in favor of ryeowook
Update soon