it's the dose that makes the poison


If you find yourself having to meet Kang Seulgi, then you might be in big trouble. She only sees two kinds of people: the dead and the dying. Dr. Kang, a resident at Myung Se Hospital's literally and figuratively most toxic medical unit - the poison center, is thrown into an unlikely encounter with a doting single mother, Bae Irene.  SeulRene Doctor/ Parent AU. (This is a fluff fic, I swear)


Despite the angsty title, this short fic is pure fluff! I'm sorry for being deceptive heh heh. This is actually the doctor/parent seulrene au I've been blabbering about in my feed. Please give it a read if you're interested (and if you're up for a little seulrene/wenjoy/ red velvet family au too) once the first chapter is posted!

thank you for all your love and support! <3 tips and donations are well-appreciated & will surely be used for my med school finances ( wishing you guys all the best for the remaining days of 2019~


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congrats on feature
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Chapter 6: So cute💕
Chapter 6: Nice reading author-nim
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Chapter 6: omg thought it was complete 😭 you're amazing!!
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Congrats on the feature!
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Chapter 4: poor sooyoungie got her heart in a mess
come one for someone who is all bravado and barge in and say what you want and go for it, she is all talk lol
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congrats on the features
Chapter 3: I pick my poison and its you
Nothing could kill me like you do

Why are they so cute though! Ahreum knows whats up