storm in a teacup


As Jimin and Aeri unfog the future in Divination class, the line between them blurs. 
(Everyone in aespa is a Gryffindor except Aeri; she's a Hufflepuff)



I haven’t written in [redacted] years. I wanted to see more KariSelle fics; A couple of Hogwarts AU Spotify playlists later, I managed to write one. 


There are other Divination lessons after my daydreams /cries/


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yoonhun07 #1
Chapter 1: Is this still ongoing? This is good tho 🥲
1175 streak #2
Chapter 1: denial huh?? aigooo karina
Chapter 1: I'm already so invested in this omg.
Chapter 1: will karina go into denial when she finds out she's in love with giselle?
Chapter 1: This is interesting. This is the second kariselle Hogwarts au I've found so far. Although the first one is still ongoing too. I'm excited for how this story will turn out. Looking forward to the next chapter!