Call it karma for all the boys she had unceremoniously dumped before, but Bae Joohyun finds herself looking after true blue good girl Kang Seulgi in the sidelines – even if she isn’t her type at all.


Gaaaah, it’s my first time writing a Red Velvet fanfic! Idk. This wenseulrene fluff-drama idea suddenly popped into my head. I hope it isn't too bad (>.<). Feel free to talk to me in the comments!!!!

I'm taking too long to update this, but if you're bored, please check out my short Seulrene drabble at >:D


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Chapter 2: Ohhoooo, has Irene taken a liking to Seulgi?
I can't wait to read the next chapter!
Chapter 2: Well kang seulbear is too cute
Chapter 2: Nice start. hopefully this will get updates 🥺
shinchan222 #4
Chapter 2: Plzz update the story if possible this has seriously a very nice plot. I really enjoyed reading these 2 chapters.
Yoonchoding07 #5
Chapter 2: the plot is getting good. hope you update this story authornim
Chapter 2: Whoa. This is a cute two shot..and I just know that anymore will lead to angst. But this absolutely looks promising! Hopefully author-nim can find new inspiration for this..seeing it was updated/edited just last year so I guess it's a good sign?
Chapter 2: Wow... can’t wait for more Seulrene interactions.
Chapter 2: omo! this is really a good story..
please please pretty please continue updating..
new subscriber here :)
cutey111 147 streak #9
Chapter 2: It's so good, I need more please!
patotie #10
Chapter 2: I’m wondering if you would still update this story because this one is golden!