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The first time they met. The first steps that bring them together. A Yulsic fanfiction about an unfortunate event, unfortunate people, fate, and every other little things that might bring two people together for the rest of their life. 


A young man on a flight to visit his old man

A female celebrity trying to get back home while dodging a stalker.

Two strangers and an event that bring them closer together.

Before Home Is Us

Long before Of Ten Thousands I Love Yous

A story that starts it all.

I'm back with a new story, old characters, and even older habits of not updating so frequently. If you're in for the bumpy ride, kindly click subscribe, and take a seat next to me.Drops comment as frequent as you will for there might be a gift for the loyals in the end.

Thank you.

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20 streak #1
Still patiently waiting for the ‘bonus’ scene :P
Chapter 8: YulSic and their uneventful-leading-to-fateful encounter. So sweet.. thanks for writing author. Are you planning to write another Yulsic story after flight home is done? :)))
Chapter 8: Lindo... Me gusto la forma en la que describes los eventos autor :)
Chapter 8: Cant believe this story has been completed. I am still hoping for the ‘bonus’ chapter lol
Chapter 8: A short but sweet ending. Wishing it’s longer though but it’s still great. Hope I’ll be seeing again in another Yulsic story?:))
holyjolly #6
Chapter 8: I cried in joy reading your stories.. You are such a brilliant author. Can we expect another prequel or sequel?? LOL
We will be waiting for another stories.
jasonds 16 streak #7
Chapter 8: so romantic....nice epilogue...another yulsic story author nim?
Ksop_kwon #8
Chapter 8: Can’t believe this story has already ended. Any plan to write another yulsic story again?: )
Sushisashimi #9
Chapter 8: Am I being too greedy for asking a bonus chapter?;)