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Okay, listen. Before we start  I'm gonna need to drop a warning. This story might happen because of me but there's no way you can blame me for this mess. I'm innocent. I'm pure.  I'm made of 100% natural bliss and zero malicious intent. I am here because fate says so. I'm here because the power that be wants to make her happy. Yes. Her. I'm here for her only.


Hello, hello, hello. Are there any Im Yoona fans holed on this site?

This is a new fanfiction I created upon an old daydream of seeing goddess Yoong starting a family. (In this case, a rather dysfunctional family, wink-wink.)

Mostly typed on my phone, to spare me from the boring life of queuing and meetings, this story will have typo and grammar bumps all over. I hope you still can read enjoyably.

I update scarcely but I tend to give bonus to faithful friends. ^^

Anyhow, drop a comment or two. Your opinions will do wonders for the course of this story.


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