The Armies Of The Night


The Warriors' AU.

When all hell breaks loose in a reunion up in the Bronx, Irene was appointed as the new leader for The Warriors. With only eight of them and hundreds of gang members ready to rumble, Irene was pushed to the hard task of leading the crew back home. Of course, Seulgi isn't happy with any of this.


Sinful's memorandum,

An adaptation from the movie 'The Warriors' from Walter Hill. I do not own any of... these except the... adaptation part? Whatever, you get it. There are some fights, bad writing, yadda yadda, some weird formed romance. 

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Chapter 6: This fic is so off the wall ... I really want to like it because it's so well written but I can't seem to get into this genre. *glum*
I will keep trying because it's worth it.
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Chapter 6: okay this is intense agdhdks you wrote every action so well ; u ; we need more seulrene au like this tbvh. ahhh im addicted to this story- im sensing that seulgi is jealous of mercy who gets irene's attention lmao. thank you for the update!
cjmoo_ 241 streak 1 points #3
Chapter 5: Asdfghjkl this gets more exciting!! Irene-Seulgi-Mercy will be really fun to watch~ Seems like Irene has somewhat caught on that Seulgi's acting weirdly not because of Irene's position. It'll be interesting if Mercy catches on too.
cjmoo_ 241 streak 1 points #4
Chapter 4: Badasses, both Joy and Irene. Seulgi and Irene huh~
157 streak 2 points #5
Chapter 5: Ooohhh..Seulgi's having internal conflict. She definitely feels something for Irene. Mercy, being there with them would provide a little entertainment against Seulgi's growing feelings
Chapter 4: A jealous bear!! Waiting for your update authornim.
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Chapter 4: Definitely jealous bear lol
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Chapter 4: Is that seulgi feeling a hint of jealousy??? Hahaha
Kimchuckles 1 points #9
Chapter 3: Bad irene and an even bad seulgi...bring it author! Great story so far! Love the banter and the sarcasms thrown around! :)